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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bristol

Looking for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bristol? If so, our team can help.

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Bristol Drug And Alcohol Rehab Treatment Centres

If you're looking for help in Bristol, we can help at Step 1 Recovery - get in touch today!

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Bristol

Drug and alcohol addiction can take over your entire life, and perhaps it has now reached a point where you are looking for a treatment centre for yourself or a loved one. If you live in the South West and are looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol, then make Step One Recovery your first call.

Our centres are based in locations across England and Europe such as Spain which is just a short journey away. Private rehab offers the perfect environment where you can undergo detox and addiction treatment away from the everyday stresses of life. Alternatively, we also have centres available in the UK if you aren’t willing to travel abroad.

How Does the Rehab Process Work?

Step One Recovery has an experienced, professional team on hand who will spend time getting to know the patient and their needs. They’re used to being discreet and ensuring that everyone who comes to them for help feels comfortable. The team of doctors, nurses, psychologists and counsellors can come up with a range of treatment options, which might include a detox if needed.

Detoxing can often lead to physical symptoms, which can include nausea, insomnia, tremors, anxiety and more. This is why we have a team of medical staff on hand who can help with withdrawal symptoms, whether it’s emotional support or prescribing medication to help during the process.

What Rehab Support Can I Expect?

Choose Step One Recovery and you can be sure you’ll be supported every step of the way. Our state-of-the-art treatment plans include regular support from counsellors and therapists, and this includes both individual and group therapy. This means you’ve always got someone on hand to help you out, so you don’t need to feel alone while you recover.

As well as doctors and therapists experienced in drug addiction, we have a team of nurses, physical fitness trainers and yoga instructors, all of whom are here for you during the process. By using our support services, you have a better chance of success in the long term.

Who Will Know About My Addiction Treatment?

While friends and family members are important to your recovery, we understand the importance of discretion when you approach us for drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol. Step One Recovery has worked with many high-profile individuals from the United Kingdom for who confidentiality is important, so we’ll take steps to keep things private.

What is Private Rehab in Bristol Like?

Some people have the image of rehab centres as being like hospitals, with a clinical, cold setting. But at Step One Recovery we ensure there’s a cosy, welcoming feel in our Mediterranean estate setting. If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol, then getting away to our Spanish facility can be a great option for those looking for alcohol detox or drug treatment. With luxury, private accommodation, great food, counselling sessions and holistic treatments such as yoga, you have the time and space to relax and work on yourself.

Addictions We Treat

Step One Recovery has worked with patients from around the world who have a wide range of different needs. We are contacted by patients and their loved ones seeking drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol, as well as help with gambling, prescription drug and sex addictions. The staff at our residential rehab centres have worked with people addicted to both legal and illegal drugs and can offer a friendly, judgement-free environment where you can heal.

What Are My Treatment Options?

At Step One Recovery, we specialise in recovery programmes that are undertaken in a residential setting. That’s why we have amazing rehab centres in Europe and the UK, which provide a safe haven to undergo drug or alcohol rehab. Once our team have spoken to a potential patient, they can recommend the best course of action.

It may be that you’ve suffered from alcohol addiction for many years, or it may be a recent issue. You may have even sought out treatment services in the past but gone back to your addiction when times became tough. That’s why it’s important for our team to find the right programme just for you.

One of the reasons why we specialise in residential treatment is that it can be much more effective in removing the negative influences from your life. You may find that in Bristol, there’s always the temptation of drugs and alcohol, and that there’s pressure to use substances when you socialise or in stressful situations. By spending time away from the city, you can get into the right frame of mind for recovery.

What Happens Once I Leave Treatment?

Once you leave the cocoon of rehab, you’ll no doubt be worried about returning to old habits. Our programs of drug and alcohol rehab in Bristol include a plan for aftercare, making it less likely you’ll relapse. This may include follow-up counselling sessions or even a return to our Costa Blanca facility should you need it. Step One Recovery is here during your rehab journey and beyond.

Get Help for Addiction in Bristol

We work with people who’ve identified an issue and self-referred, as well as loved ones who are worried about friends or family members who are suffering from substance abuse. Step One Recovery can discuss your issues with drug abuse and come up with a quick plan of action. We know that when people with drug addiction want to recover, then swift action is necessary, so we can make all the arrangements such as a door-to-door chauffeur to get them to our facility. Whatever your situation, simply call us any time or fill in our online contact form to begin the process.