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Heroin Detox

Heroin is a powerful opiate drug that is either injected after being dissolved in water or smoked. It can be used as a painkiller because of the relaxing and pain-numbing properties it has through being made from morphine. When used, the drug creates chemical reactions in the brain that numb all pain and some sensation to give an overall feeling of euphoria.

This does however also make it one of the most dangerous drugs, as it is so strong that it has the ability to conceal any pain-related health conditions the user may be suffering from. It is easy to become addicted to heroin as a tolerance builds up to it, so more is needed to get the feelings of pleasure and relaxation associated with it. This tolerance damages the body through bruising, cuts, needle marks, loss of weight, insomnia, lack of periods (in women), raised blood pressure and infection.

At Step 1 Recovery we are very aware of the dangers of heroin addiction and offer both rehabilitation and detox programmes to help you or someone you know live a life without it. We appreciate that a drug problem can affect anyone at any time, and offer a sympathetic and compassionate approach to detox that we believe helps people recover from their drug addictions for good. We have a holistic and mindful approach to heroin detox and can give you the tools you need to succeed and stay clean.

Signs that you need a Heroin detox

If you notice physical signs such as watering of the eyes, hard stools, insomnia, tiredness, irritability, weight loss, bruising marks, kidney or liver failure or infection, it is time to reach out to see how we can help.

Psychological and behavioural issues associated with heroin use include secrecy, paranoia, anxiety, panic, disorientation, guilt and an overall lack of judgement. If you or if someone you love has displayed any of these symptoms and is using heroin, get in touch with us immediately to find out how our detox programme can help.

Heroin detox at Step 1 Recovery

If you think that a home detox may not be for you and you’d like a clinic that offers a more controlled environment to ensure success, our retreat near Alicante could be the perfect solution.

We have a highly experienced and professional team that is well versed in taking clients through the detox process successfully, with long-lasting results to be carried into the future. By using counselling and a variety of mindful practices we can equip you with the tools and guidance you need to leave your heroin problem behind you for good. Our compassionate and supportive staff are here for you round-the-clock. You’ll find a warm and relaxing haven with us in our drug rehab centre.

If you reach out to us, we will take the time to get to know you and your history of addiction in detail so that we can determine the kind of support you need from us. We will talk about how much heroin you are using, and how this has affected your working and personal relationships with other people, as well as your general health. You will then be talked through how our detox process works.

Heroin detox can be dangerous if you suddenly go ‘cold turkey’, and there is always a risk of death with this method as the withdrawal state your body goes into is so strong, prompting a need for an increased amount of heroin to be taken, which can lead to overdose. Dehydration is also another dangerous side effect of heroin detox, which is why it is always safer to follow a controlled detox programme. It is important to gradually ease your body away from your addiction. Our detox programmes involve taking heroin substitutes like buprenorphine or methadone, which help to ease the effects of withdrawal symptoms that can prove debilitating for heroin users when their bodies crave the drug.

A replacement opioid drug like buprenorphine or methadone will make it much more likely for you to quit heroin safely and without relapse. We will ensure your safety and security at all times to guarantee that you are always taking the right amounts of heroin substitute in a way that is healthy so that you are more likely to succeed in getting clean. You should always listen to your therapist who can guide you through the process and listen to any questions you may have about your treatment.

How long will it take me to completely Detox from Heroin?

Every person is different, as is every addiction. We cannot guarantee an exact time for when you will be successfully clean, but heroin generally has a short time span within your system. Physical withdrawal symptoms most commonly start after six hours from when you took your last shot of heroin. These symptoms include a watery nose and eyes, dry throat, shaking and sweating, and generally feeling very tired or run-down. You will have very strong urges to use heroin, and logical reasoning may be impaired during this time.

Mental health issues and physical symptoms associated with the effects of heroin withdrawal will be at their strongest for the first two weeks since your last dose of the drug. During this time you will feel additional symptoms to the above including muscle cramps, hallucinations, irritability, confusion, loss of appetite, high blood pressure and lethargy.

After this two week period, withdrawal symptoms should ease so you feel more comfortable. Though it will depend on the heaviness of your addiction and your general overall health, some people have a long journey with us to stay clean, and that is okay. It is important to know that some of our patients experience withdrawal symptoms for many months after treatment with us, including feeling shaky, nervous or anxious. This is because your cravings will still be very high. We have a support team who can give you expert aftercare following your treatment with us, to help prevent relapse. Over time, your need for heroin will gradually diminish.

Why choose Step 1 Recovery?

We have helped so many people reach their goal of being clean from heroin use because of our wonderfully supportive staff. Our team is proud of their expert knowledge of addiction rehab, detox and therapy, as well as their positive and reassuring approach to their clients.

Rest assured that you are in the best hands and that we will always exercise discretion with your case.

We try to focus on the mind and spirit as well as the body. With our healing heroin detox programmes, you can engage in holistic practices such as mindfulness, meditation and yoga to help you on your way to recovery and to give you a brighter outlook.

Our luxury villa accommodation features en-suite bedrooms, a luxury swimming pool, well-manicured gardens, beauty facilities and a personal chef for dietary requirements.

Contact us today to see how we can help you detox from heroin in a positive and warm, sunny environment.

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