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Alcohol Rehab

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About Alcoholism

If you or your loved one regularly loses control while drinking, craves alcohol when not drinking and needs more and more alcohol to get through the day, then it’s extremely likely that you or your loved one is suffering from alcoholism.


Alcoholism, otherwise referred to as ‘alcohol use disorder’ is common in those who drink excessively, to the point where their bodies become dependent on alcohol to function properly.


This condition can dramatically shorten your life expectancy via many debilitating and chronic associated illnesses.


At our alcohol rehab centres, we’ll give you the tools you need to enjoy life and beat your drug and alcohol addiction and leave alcohol dependence behind you.


Healing the Body and Mind

At Step One Recovery, our alcohol rehab centre provides luxury addiction recovery facilities that heal the body, mind and soul in a private setting.

Our addiction treatment solutions are completely bespoke and tailored for patients whose professional obligations, personal reputation and religious traditions require the utmost discretion.

Like any form of drug abuse, it is important to seek treatment from local support groups or by visiting an inpatient rehab.

For many people, drinking alcohol is a harmless, social activity, but for some it can result in an uncontrollable addiction that requires help and support especially to help navigate through withdrawal symptoms.

At Step One Recovery, we understand that an alcohol addiction can quickly take hold of a person’s life without appropriate help and support. Alcoholism can lead to a long list of psychological and physical health issues, and can even be deadly in extreme cases.

If you decide to enter our alcohol rehab facility for alcohol addiction, you will never be alone in your journey to sustainable recovery. We can treat alcoholism through our holistic practices, evidence-based techniques and our incredible team of highly experienced psychiatric and addiction therapy staff.

Treating Addiction through Alcohol Rehab

If you feel you need to visit an alcohol rehab centre, you will need to go through an admissions process, here we checked the severity of your addiction and for any associated mental health conditions.

The next step will be putting you on a bespoke alcohol treatment plan, this will include detoxification and one-to-one therapy.

We take a holistic approach where we seek to treat both your body and mind at Step One Recovery.

If you struggle to quit drinking, you may notice some of the following symptoms:

  • Feeling sick
  • Experiencing ‘the shakes’ when not drinking
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Sweating
  • Mental health issues such as Depression and anxiety
  • Secrecy

If you do not seek help or treatment for an alcohol addiction it can lead to severe health complications and harm your personal life. It can also lead to further addictions, including those associated with drugs. If you or someone you love has an alcohol addiction, seek help at Step One Recovery.

We can help you conquer your alcohol addiction for good through a tailored treatment programme. We will provide a free assessment of your needs when you first get in touch with us . We will then progress to help you through alcohol detox and treat any mental health condition that may also be present.

Together with our alcohol addiction specialists, you will have your own bespoke treatment plan created that addresses your concerns, as well as any underlying health issues, before going on to treat your addiction. You will also have regular meetings with a therapist and counsellor, to ensure that you are making progress and changing your relationship with alcohol.

Step One Recovery also offers alcohol detox programmes for more severe cases of alcohol addiction, with medically-assisted supervision during the withdrawal process.

Alcohol Rehab at Step One Recovery

Step One Recovery is a cutting-edge, evidence-based, life-saving deluxe addiction treatment provider with centres based in the UK along with our luxurious Mediterranean estate in Spain with centres also in the UK. We specialise in and treat many different kinds of addictions related to drugs and alcohol. Our Palacio de la Paz centre in Spain is the perfect environment to heal body and soul in a holistic and sustainable way, with first-class facilities and a concierge-style patient service.

When you stay with us, your privacy and dignity are our priority. We offer our clients unrivalled discretion in a secluded and discreet setting, world-class treatment through evidence-based methods, and a team of highly skilled and experienced staff.

Our staff consists of psychologists, doctors, nurses and certified counsellors, alongside physical fitness trainers and yoga instructors. Our medical expertise allows us to detox our clients if necessary, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. The treatment process involves various stages and activities, including recognising the problem, seeking intervention, exploring treatment options, and going through rehab programs.

We have a highly experienced team of medical professionals who can help you focus on addressing the causes and triggers of your alcohol addiction. We will work together with you to support you at each step of your journey to sobriety. We do not judge our patients and provide a stimulating yet relaxing environment in which you can fully recover and take time for you.

We listen carefully to your needs, without judgement. We also teach coping skills and grant clients autonomy and respect. Our care leads with love and nurturing, alongside first-class clinical expertise. We exercise sensitivity to the unique needs of those who require the utmost discretion.

How our Alcohol Rehab program can help

We will equip you for a life without alcohol through a combination of therapies and an abstinence programme. We’ll help you set real goals that you can achieve and once you do, you’ll be living a new, healthier lifestyle with hope and a bright future.

Our program supports you throughout your recovery journey, ensuring you have the assistance needed to overcome alcoholism. You will not be allowed to drink alcohol of any form at the alcohol rehab centre.

To get over alcohol use disorder you will need a full period of abstention from your alcohol cravings. To achieve sobriety, this is necessary and while you will still have urges to drink, you will not find a drop at the treatment centre.

Just removing yourself from your current environment will take away a lot of the temptation and you will benefit from addiction support 24/7 from trained medical staff.

We will:

  • Introduce you to the 12 step philosophy
  • Help you holistically resolve your issues that cause you to drink
  • Help you manage your withdrawal symptoms
  • Give you new hope and a life free from the clutches of alcohol

  • Live the life you were always meant to live...

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

We treat alcohol addictionat Step One Recovery through a specialised treatment programme. These programmes are completely bespoke to the patient and usually last for one month on an in-patient basis at our treatment centre. If necessary, we may suggest that you undertake a medically supervised detox to treat more severe cases of alcoholism and destructive behaviours. Depending on how you react to treatment, we may suggest that you lengthen your stay with us to ensure that you are fully recovered.

Alcohol rehab with Step One Recovery is based on the 12-step model originally implemented by Alcoholics Anonymous. This model of addiction treatment provides patients with a set of guidelines to focus and motivate them, while changing the way they think about and view alcohol. The model incorporates practical exercises alongside mindfulness and spirituality. During your stay at our facility, you should expect the first week or more to include intensive sessions of therapy, combined with a detox programme if necessary. Alongside the 12-step model, your therapy will include supportive 1:1 counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and group therapy sessions, in which you can speak with others about your thoughts and feelings. We also offer therapy sessions for families and couples.

At Step One Recovery, all those treated by us at our alcohol rehab facility are placed on completely bespoke, renowned treatment programmes. We aim to treat the whole you, covering mind, body and soul so you feel ready to face the world again following your recovery. Our staff are specially selected for their deep experience of treating those with addiction and related challenges. We are fluent in many languages as we have an international clientele, and are ready to be your sanctuary where you feel safe and comfortable. At Step One Recovery, our facility is a home-from-home, not just a clinic.

Our Treatment Programs Include

  • Pre-Admission Assessment
  • Full Medical Examination & 24/7 Medical Support
  • Flights and Transfers for clients travelling to Spain
  • Comprehensive Aftercare
  • Bespoke Treatment Package
  • Executive and Deluxe Luxury Suites

Alcohol Rehab FAQ's

What happens in Alcohol rehab treatment?

At our residential alcohol treatment centre you will stay with us for a period of time to receive specialised care, support and therapy to wean you off your addiction and equip you with the tools you need to live a healthier life.

How long does Alcohol Rehab treatment take?

We recommend our 28 days or 14-day programmes, which will give us enough time to treat you thoroughly. If, however, you are on a tighter schedule, we can still help you make a significant change to your habits within your chosen timeframe.

Will anybody know I’m at Alcohol Rehab?

Our centre is not signposted and we regard your privacy as our priority. Your stay here will be strictly confidential. Nobody will know you’re here. We never respond to inquiries about our clients and we pride ourselves on providing a completely confidential service.

Will Alcohol Rehab treatment cure my addiction?

We are confident you will never relapse, but if that does ever happen we can quickly get you back on the right path.

What happens if I relapse?

You will receive full instructions on what to do in the event of a relapse, but if in doubt, you can simply call us. We’re here for us as long as you need us following your treatment. We will advise you of your next steps over the phone.

How much does Alcohol Rehab cost?

We know that finding an alcohol rehabilitation centre which provides you with world class addiction treatment programmes tailored to your needs can be a tough task. Luckily, we can offer a range of treatment options that are specifically tailored to your needs ensuring long term recovery.

Can you avoid withdrawal symptoms during Detox?

During alcohol rehab treatment, our clients almost always have to go through detoxification which usually leads to withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately if you are dependant on alcohol then your body will certainly go through withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking.

Do you only have centres in Spain?

Although moving away will give you the best chances of leaving your addictive behaviours in the past, we are part of Rehab Clinics Group, the UK's leading provider of residential treatment for drug and alcohol addictions. Speak to our admissions team today and we will advise on which option is better for you.

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