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Amphetamine Rehab

There are many types of amphetamines, but the most commonly used ones include Adderall, Dexedrine and Benzedrine. The most common form of Amphetamine is referred to as 'Speed' due to the mental and physical reaction on the body following use of the substance. Amphetamines are usually snorted or injected by users, although they can also be consumed orally.

Once absorbed in the bloodstream, users will typically experience a euphoric sensation, increase in alertness and energy, and raised body temperature, resulting in the user feeling a 'high' or 'buzz' when administering them. Over a period of time, a tolerance to the drug will increase, meaning the user needs to increase amounts over a longer period to get a 'high', this leads to very powerful psychological and physical addiction that can require rehab.

If you or a loved one is suffering from amphetamine addiction and need rehab, help can be provided with rehabilitation through Step 1 Recovery. We have a supportive approach to amphetamine rehab that involves holistic and mindfulness therapies which can help yourself or a member of your family live a life free from drugs

Amphetamine rehab with us

The first step of rehab with us is to discuss your amphetamine addiction in order to evaluate its severity, as a large number of users become dependent on the drug. The way we detox your body will vary from person to person. We will look at the reasons why you first started taking the drug, the way amphetamines make you feel, and how taking drugs has affected your everyday life. You will have access to a therapist who can provide 24 hour support and talk you through your specially tailored treatment plan.

If you have previously received treatment for your drug addiction, we will talk about this and how it went, a discussion will also be made about any occasions where you have visited a doctor and looked to get help through the NHS, including occasions when you may have been prescribed amphetamines by your GP, and later abused them.

As with any addiction therapy and especially detox that is associated with rehab, strong withdrawal symptoms can occur, so it is important to prepare yourself for such an event, though rest assured that you will be supported at all times. Because amphetamines make you feel such a fast-paced buzz, when you stop taking them you may feel extremely tired and have other symptoms like feeling worthless, depressed, nauseous, or generally feeling off-colour. This is normal and it will take your body time to adjust, but the important thing is to stay strong and determined to kick your habit.

While staying at one of our estates, we will be supportive and understanding and will guarantee that you are given the best possible treatment, whether your stay is short term or long term. Our staff will help make you feel secure, safe and healthy. We will discuss psychotherapy and detoxification therapies, in order to change your perspective towards your amphetamine addiction and finally leave it behind you for good.

Methods of Amphetamine Rehab

There are many ways you can treat amphetamine addiction through rehab. The most common is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – intensive therapy sessions that will occur each day, in which we change your attitudes towards amphetamines and the way you think about them. This will lead to positive thoughts of life without using drugs. Thoughts of relapse may occur, but you will have the support of a key worker throughout.

We will also focus on talking therapies to help you come to terms with your addiction and rehabilitation, including family counselling, in which we invite loved ones to have an open discussion about your addiction with our staff and you, covering what you are feeling and your triggers, and how your drug usage has had an effect on those closest to you. This is a great method for people who aren’t comfortable with counselling without any support and require the presence of their family or friends.

We also encourage group session therapy at our centre, which gives you the chance to get to know others at the centre who are also in recovery from amphetamine addiction, this gives you the chance to learn from their experiences and shape thoughts on your personal addiction and rehab journey.

The final and more physical method is detoxification, in which we slowly wean you off of amphetamines until you are no longer using or have the desire to use drugs. We will look at your current amphetamine usage, and depending on the severity of your addiction, will work to slowly cut down the amount of the drug you take, so your body gradually adjusts to this more healthy lifestyle and becomes used to having very little amounts of the drug. From here, we will work to completely eliminate it from your life, so you no longer feel the need to use amphetamines.

Our rehab centre and staff

The aim we have is to make your amphetamine rehabilitation to be as relaxing and comfortable as possible. The experienced team we have at our disposal have the skills and knowledge to plan medically assisted detoxes which help and support those that want to completely remove themselves from drugs. We can provide you with the correct path through a bespoke treatment programme that looks at healing your body and soul with holistic treatment techniques, to help you remove yourself from drug abuse for good.

Our qualified, supportive and attentive staff are the reason we been able to successfully help many people in their amphetamine rehab to live a life free from drugs. All members of staff are committed to supporting clients 24/7 during their time with us. All members of our team have been selected because of their dedication and experience to addiction recovery.

The warm climate of in locations in Europe such as Spain offer the perfect environment to heal the mind and body from its addictive behaviours. If you would like to find out why Step One Recovery is the right choice for Amphetamine Rehab then please get in touch with our team today to discuss further.

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