When you are is ready to enter a rehab program for severe alcohol abuse or alcoholism, it is strongly recommended that you attend residential alcohol treatment, because it is most likely to result in a positive outcome that enables you to make a lasting recovery.

Residential rehab provides the 24-hour, seven-day focus that can help you detox safely under medical supervision, learn to manage your addiction without distraction or temptation, and build a toolbox to support your new skills once you leave residential alcohol treatment.

What can I expect from a residential alcohol treatment programme?

Alcohol withdrawal is often an uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous process. As scary as it sounds, our professional staff can get clients through this challenging part of treatment safely and effectively.

Our residential alcohol treatment works through a combination of therapies and an abstinence programme. We help you set goals that you can and will achieve and introduce you to a 12-step philosophy that will help you holistically resolve the issues that cause you to drink.

Our residential alcohol rehab will help you to manage your withdrawal symptoms and give you a fresh lease of life.

We recommend that you attend our residential alcohol treatment for 28 days, but we also provide 14-day treatments. During this time you will receive specialised 24-hour care and support that will help you break free from your addiction.

Why is residential alcohol treatment better than non-residential alcohol treatment?

When you attend a residential alcohol treatment programme you have the time to focus solely on that and nothing else. You’re away from any and all temptations, you’re free to work on yourself. A residential alcohol treatment allows you to spend time exploring the reasons why you drink, with a support staff that make you comfortable opening up to them.

Knowing you can’t give into your strong temptations easily makes the process of abstinence considerably easier.

With us you receive 24-hour supervision by trained staff and therapists, so you are never alone while battling your addiction. You become part of a community – other residents in the facility are also overcoming their addiction and being in a residential setting, more time each day is focused on recovery, through counselling settings, as well as other treatment exercises.

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With a residential alcohol treatment programme, you do not have the distractions of daily life activities and worries while in treatment. We also make it personal to you. We believe that any residential alcohol treatment you attend needs to be tailored to an individual’s specific needs, as this can affect the likelihood of the person achieving long-term recovery.

If you think it’s time you took back your life and attended a residential alcohol treatment centre, call us today. We can talk through your alcoholism and form a plan for you to achieve sobriety.