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Your first step in the right direction fighting Alcohol Addiction

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About Step One Recovery

Step One Recovery provides a luxurious residential addiction recovery experience, on exclusive estates located in the UK and Europe.

Our centres provide the perfect environment for healing your mind and body from addiction and mental health conditions.

Our recovery programme provides unparalleled discretion and a superior one to one client treatment administered by leading industry doctors, counsellors and therapists.

Take your first step with us today.

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Helping you beat Alcohol Addiction

If you or your loved one regularly loses control while drinking, craves alcohol when not drinking and needs more and more alcohol to get through the day, then it’s extremely likely that you or your loved one is suffering from alcoholism. This condition can dramatically shorten your life expectancy via a number of debilitating and chronic associated illnesses.

At our alcohol rehab centres in the UK and Europe., we’ll give you the tools you need to enjoy a life without alcohol.

How we can help

We will equip you for a life without alcohol through a combination of therapies and an abstinence programme. We’ll help you set realistic goals that you can achieve and once you do, you’ll be living a new, healthier lifestyle with hope and a bright future. We will:

  • Introduce you to the 12 step philosophy.
  • Help you holistically resolve your issues that cause you to drink.
  • Help you manage your withdrawal symptoms.
  • Give you new hope and a life free from the clutches of alcohol.

Treatment Programs Start from £4,995 - Including:

  • Pre-admission assessment
  • Full medical examination & 24/7 medical support
  • Flights and transfers
  • Comprehensive aftercare in the UK and Europe
  • Bespoke Treatment Package
  • Executive and Deluxe luxury suites


"After years of struggling with alcoholism, a friend referred me to Step One Recovery Treatment Centre.

From the moment I arrived there, I knew I was right where I needed to be.

The Staff welcomed me and always treated me with dignity and respect. I felt very safe and soon realized that there could be a better way to live!"


No.1 rehab provider
throughout the UK & Europe

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