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Sex Addiction Rehab

Is sex addiction a real illness?

Whilst much maligned and often treated as humorous or entirely fabricated, sex addiction is a very real problem for thousands of people across the United Kingdom. The way in which sex addiction has been derided by the tabloid media, often to sell a quick kiss and tell story, has unfortunately added to the pressures and concerns held by people afflicted by this very real condition. The portrayal of sex addiction as a fallacy has led to increasing numbers of genuine sufferers lacking the confidence to access the support they need. Sex addiction has been increasingly recognised as a serious psychological problem and help is available to overcome it. Whilst many will continue to deny sex addiction exists, our experience of working with individuals whose lives have been sent into turmoil by sex addiction is proof enough that this is a real problem with real victims.

What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction is like any other addiction – whether it be drugs, alcohol or any other compulsive behaviour. Whilst the precise neurological factors remain relatively unknown and unexplored, steps can be taken to successfully address sex addiction through sex addiction rehab. Indicators of a sex addiction vary from person to person but can include frequent and excessive use of pornography or web-cam sites, disproportionate amounts of time spent masturbating, regular infidelity within an established relationship, compulsive use of sex workers, increasingly elaborate and intense sexual fantasies and a compulsion to engage in risky, taboo or uncommon sexual practices. If you have noticed an increasing preoccupation with sex is starting to dominate your life, it could be that you are developing an addiction to sex. The common perception of sex addiction is that it is some kind of excuse for those who struggle with fidelity. In truth, the term has probably been used frivolously and by those looking for excuses. However, this bad press should not detract from the genuine concerns of those who have genuine sexual addictions. Sex addiction carries the risk of increased exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, inherent relationship problems and a greater risk of mental health and emotional problems, such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and stress disorders.

What is sex addiction rehab?

Just like treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, sex addiction rehab is an increasingly accessible option for treating the root causes of sex addiction. Our network of specialist sex addiction rehab centres are experts in the treatment of sexual compulsions and we offer options that are flexible, local and tailored to each client’s specific situation. The process begins with an in depth assessment of each client’s sexual, social and psychological history. By gaining a thorough understanding of your background, life experiences, relationships, sexual desires and other relevant aspects of your lifestyle, we can begin to pinpoint the root causes of your sex addiction and related compulsions. Sex addiction rehab is designed to work for you as an individual, meaning every one of our clients receives a bespoke care package that prioritises their specific needs. In our experience, this is the only way to begin addressing sex addiction if lasting change is being sought.
Sex addiction rehab combines a variety of social and psychological approaches to treatment, tying them all in to one neat package. This is often best delivered as part of a residential stay in one of our luxurious, purpose designed sex addiction rehab centres. The environment in which treatment is delivered is essential, so rest assured we go out of our way to provide a home from home. All of our sex addiction rehab centres are relaxing, modern and operated by highly considerate, well trained staff who are sensitive to each resident’s situation. Discretion and trust are key, so you have total peace of mind that you are in capable hands. We take care of all your needs during your stay, enabling you to focus whole heartedly on addressing your sex addiction.

Does sex addiction rehab work?

Like any form of rehabilitative intervention, sex addiction rehab can yield fantastic results that last a lifetime, providing the client remains open minded. Fortunately, our staff are expert motivators who recognise the importance of engaging sex addiction rehab participants, keeping them focused and on track throughout the recovery process. Of course, sex addiction rehab is not for everyone, but we are confident our wide ranging, all-encompassing approach to treatment means we can provide successful treatment even in cases where past attempts may have failed. Some question the likelihood of success with sex addiction rehab as they assume they will have to terminate relationships and avoid all intimacy. This could not be further from the truth. A large percentage of the clients we work with are seeking help because of the impact their sex addiction has had upon an intimate relationship. We seek to encourage the development of supportive, non-destructive relationships that focus on mutual respect and teamwork. Unlike drug or alcohol treatment that will focus on detoxification and abstinence, sex addiction treatment seeks to help you take control of your compulsions and unhealthy desires and, where applicable, build on healthy, loving relationships. Our sex addiction rehab programmes only use techniques and interventions that we can rely upon through experience. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, counselling, talking therapies and support groups are just a selection of the approaches we advocate for educating and developing change within our clients. We are entirely confident that with the correct approach, sex addiction can be overcome.

Where is sex addiction rehab?

Our sex addiction rehab centres can be found across the country, so we can always find options to start addressing your sex addiction as soon as possible. No matter what your commitments or availability, our flexible approach is designed to suit your needs. So if you have questions or want to know more about how to begin the recovery process, contact us now. Our specialist staff are experienced, sensitive and discreet; rest assured your confidentiality is paramount to us. Get in touch for an informal, no obligation chat and see exactly what we can do for you.

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