What is Rehab?

Here at Step One Recovery in Javea, we get to help people from all over the world to live a better life that they can feel happy with. Our programme can help you or your loved ones take control again with around the clock care from experts as you enjoy the Spanish sun and take a dip in one of the three pools. From that very first call, we can help you to feel at ease, which is why we’re looking at the term ‘rehab’.

Residential rehabilitation or ‘rehab’ for short describes a treatment programme that is provided in a live in setting. Rehabs are usually based around abstinence and provide a programme of support and care aimed at people who have difficulty becoming drug or alcohol free in their daily lives.

Step One Recovery Centre is proud to be a traditional style of rehab centre so you (or your loved one) can have a complete break from your current circumstances. Staying at the centre’s luxury rooms takes you out of your usual drug-using environment

How long should you stay at rehab?

We recommend a stay of five weeks to fully appreciate the healing process that you’ll go through. We follow a variety of philosophies and have a range of approaches to help you reach your goal, we believe that each individual needs something different to feel comfortable.

Our long-stay rehabilitative programmes, focuses on therapeutic interventions and the immediate responses to becoming drug free. From nurses to chefs, councillors and holistic therapists, there is always someone who can help you place the next foot on your journey here in Spain.

Whatever your needs, contact Step One Recovery centre now to speak to our team of experts and start your journey to a better, healthier more fulfilling life.