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Alcohol Rehab UK

Are you suffering through an alcohol addiction? Alcohol and drug addictions, substance abuse and highly addictive behaviours are increasing, influencing the need for expert support in the UK.

As well as our main centre in Spain, we have a number of UK based rehab centres including Cassiobury Court in London which specialise in supporting patients through alcohol addictions. We achieve this through our evidence-based addiction treatments, medical detoxes and the support of our specialised team of professionals.

Consider one of our private rehab clinics to complete a time of rehabilitation through residential addiction treatment services. We can help you through your side effects and any problems you are experiencing related to addiction. Get in touch today to find the most suitable UK based rehab centre, and to start the process of alcohol rehabilitation.

Consider private alcohol rehab today

Although private support may seem costly, we can ensure that everyone who requires addiction support has access, by offering programmes to suit a variety of budgets. Therefore, although you will receive the care, privacy and standards of private centre, you can expect great value for money in return.

For greatest recovery probability, visiting a residential private rehab centre will be recommended, along with completing a full treatment programme. As more pressure gets placed on the NHS, free support is becoming sparse, effecting likelihood of long-term recovery. As addiction also becomes more complex with connected mental health issues increasing, accessing immediate, consistent support is vital for full recovery.

Overcoming addiction is highly probable with the right support. Small steps will be taken by completing a variety of treatment options. Please be aware that quick fixes aren’t promoted at our rehab centres. Our team of addiction specialists value a holistic approach to treatment, ensuring each area of your being is disconnected from alcohol, reducing relapse likelihood.

If your alcohol addiction is mild, outpatient treatment plans in association with our UK rehab centres may be recommended. Here we offer consistent support groups, therapy sessions and family support to help you work through your addiction with convenience.

To find out the best option for you, get in touch with our team. We can gain a greater understanding of your alcohol addiction, helping to select the most appropriate UK based rehab centre if you are not up for visiting our Spain centre. Our recommendations will depend on the severity of your addiction, its effects and its length.

Alcohol addiction treatment centre

By completing a residential rehab programme with us, you will experience a number of our industry leading addiction treatments, designed to overcome alcohol abuse. To ensure your addiction is fully tackled, a holistic approach will be followed, ensuring you are prepared for a life without alcohol, both physically and psychologically,

The first step of alcohol and drug rehab is getting to know your addiction greater. Our team will observe your current side effects and overall health to create a personalised treatment plan. We believe that this increases your recovery probability by taking your requirements into consideration.

Please keep in mind that addictions vary. The initial stimulus influencing addiction varies, withdrawal symptoms vary, along with an individual’s support network. With that said, rehab timeframes, recommended treatment plans and ongoing aftercare support will all be catered to individual needs. No matter how long the rehab process takes, our team will be here to support you.

Once a personalised treatment plan has been created, the next step usually includes a medical detox. Especially for those with a long-term chronic addiction, a detox will help to release toxins in the body, preparing individuals for future treatment. Consumption levels will slowly reduce, motivating immediate withdrawal symptoms. Although this is a difficult and dangerous step to rehabilitation, it is the most effective to promote immediate recovery.

Alongside your detox, alternative psychological treatments will be recommended. Treatment options you can expect to complete at rehab include cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, family sessions, individual counselling and life coaching sessions. Each will work on your negative thoughts, long-term goals, your perception on drug and alcohol abuse, and your vision of a positive alcohol-free future. They will work well together to ensure that cravings are slowly diminished, and positive coping mechanisms are enforced.

Before returning home from rehab, educational sessions will also be promoted to ensure you are prepared to live independently. This will also support your family members to ensure they are equipped if any future relapses occur. You will leave armed with life-changing skills to put into practice with a high probability of long-term recovery.


Addiction recovery post rehab

We understand how daunting a return home can be. No matter where you live in the UK, our team offer free aftercare services for one-year post rehab to ensure your transition is smooth.

In addition to this, we understand that tackling your addiction independently can be scary. We further understand the difficulty of initially facing your old stimuli. Therefore, we offer continuous support and guidance through local support groups, AA meetings and counselling sessions, ensuring you are following your personalised recovery plan. Please be assured that we care about your progression and will only recommend a return home once we believe you are ready.


Our specialised support

Alongside our evidence-based addiction treatments, our rehab centres are each equipped with specialised addiction professionals. Each follow a compassionate, supportive approach, while understanding the steps required to achieve recovery.

They each also understand alcohol addiction and the difficulties it can carry. To ensure you are receiving the care you deserve, you will be provided with around the clock support from our dedicated team, along with a home from home luxury environment.

We will ensure that each step of your alcohol rehab programme and outpatient treatment will take your personal requirements into consideration, increasing your long-term recovery rate. Whatever you need or feel while visiting us, please let our team know.

If you are searching for a rehab centre specialising in alcohol addiction, consider one of our clinics. We are passionate about inspiring recovery with our knowledge and experience. Get in touch to start your own unique life-changing rehab journey today.

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