The Costa Blanca is renowned for its warm climate and Mediterranean diet, but do you know the health benefits of Spain? A visit to Step One Recovery gives you the experts you need, sun

Living in Spain’s climate has been proven to not only benefit you mentally, but also physically. Studies have shown that people who live in a country that has more sunny days a year tend to be happier all year round, the bright colours and warmth stimulate your mind and keep you more alert and active than you would be in a colder country.

Health benefits of Spain

The physical aspect of living in a warmer country knows no bounds. In a colder country when it is a nice day out and you are sat inside all day many people feel a sense of guilt, as if they have missed out on something or are wasting great weather.

The same goes for people from these cold countries who now reside in Spain, because you do not want to waste the beautiful weather you are more inclined to get up and go outside, go for a walk, go for a swim, and all manner of different physical activities. The health benefits of Spain also extend to their diet; almonds, olives and oranges are all widely produced and eaten.

Not to mention the sunshine itself in its warm embrace is providing you with essential Vitamin D which is paramount to your health. Studies have found that an increasing amount of people from the colder corners of the earth are in fact Vitamin D deficient. Vitamin D promotes the absorption of Calcium, modulation of cell growth and the reduction of inflammation.

At Step One Recovery we have taken all of this into account and that is why we have built our luxury rehab centre right in the heart of Spain. Get in touch with us today and find out why your health deserves a life in Spain.