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First Day / Typical Day

First day

We can appreciate that on arrival, you may be feeling anxious or fragile. It is important to us that you feel comfortable in your new surroundings, so as soon as we’re sure you’re safe, you will be given time to relax on your own, or chat to other residents or staff members in your own time. You will be shown around the centre and one of our chefs will prepare you a gourmet meal. You will be encouraged to make use of the facilities, should you wish.

Typical day

A typical day in the Step One Recovery programme will consist of a variety of treatments, which might include some holistic treatment, work on developing your understanding of the 12 step approach, some relapse prevention techniques and at least one therapy session.


Do you provide a lot of group therapy?

We offer some group therapy, but prioritise one to one bespoke treatment.

I don’t feel very sociable. Will I have to speak to the other residents?

Everybody’s privacy is respected and a priority at our centres. Staff members will be available to chat 24/7, should you feel the need to speak to somebody, but it’s up to you how much interaction you choose to have. Most of our clients will choose to take some alone time. Nobody is judged on how sociable they feel.

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