Anyone from any background can be affected by alcohol addiction and require rehab to get back on track. The way the condition affects a person can also vary depending on the individual – some people may drink heavy amounts all day long, while others may binge drink for a short time. Spotting signs of an alcohol addiction can be much harder than a drug or substance addiction.

We can offer alcohol rehab services in Spain at Step One Recovery so that you can live a life free from the oppression of alcoholism. We have a compassionate approach to every kind of addiction, and offer rehab treatments that involve mindfulness and holistic therapies in the sunny climate of Spain, which is known to promote positivity, health and well-being. Working together, we can help you or a family member to rehabilitate and live a life that no longer involves excessive drinking.

Do I need help for alcohol rehab?

Before you contact us it is worth you carrying out the following self-assessment to see if your relationship with alcohol could be an addiction that requires alcohol rehab at our retreat in Spain. Ask yourself the below questions, giving ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to each one in turn.

  1. Have you found yourself drinking more and more excessively and at unusual times of the day?
  2. Do you find that you have an increased tolerance to alcohol with no sign of hangover symptoms?
  3. Do you hide alcohol from loved ones?
  4. Have you lost your job as a result of your drinking?
  5. Do you feel increasingly tired, depressed or anxious and find that alcohol helps you cope with such symptoms?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to three or more of these questions, you could require alcohol rehab for an addiction. We can help at our rehab centre in Spain at Step 1 Recovery, and encourage you to give us a call.

Why choose alcohol rehab in Spain with Step 1 Recovery?

When we first begin to work with you, we will discuss your drinking in detail to determine the severity of your addiction. We’ll also talk about symptoms you may be experiencing, for instance, anxiety or depression, to see if you similarly need treatment for these conditions as part of your alcohol rehab treatment with us. You will be assigned a therapist who can give you 24/7 support and will talk you through your bespoke treatment plan.

Treating alcohol addiction is difficult and can be more challenging when compared to drug rehabilitation. For rehab to work, you must want to become sober, and successful treatment will depend on your determination. This is why you should consider alcohol rehab in Spain with Step 1 Recovery. Thousands of people from the UK like you each year make the decision to travel to sunny Spain to seek rehab therapy for a variety of addictions. A first reason is that rehabilitation programmes are much cheaper in Europe than they are back in the UK, bearing in mind that private rehab care in the UK can cost up to £28,000 for a 28-day programme. All rehab centres in Spain are also carefully regulated by the Spanish government, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. Travelling abroad to go to rehab also gives you privacy opportunities you might not have in the UK. Being able to tell friends and family that you are going ‘on holiday’ is much easier than admitting you are going to rehab, and travelling to Spain makes all of this possible. Of course, before you start booking your plane tickets, you should always consider family and work commitments. Rehab can sometimes involve being away for weeks, depending on the programme and treatment you are undertaking, so be sure that you have the time to take for yourself and plan your trip carefully.

Then there’s the weather. With plenty of sunshine all year round and an overall increase in Vitamin D when you pay a visit to this holiday hotspot, you’re bound to be feeling more optimistic and positive about the journey you are about to undertake to recovery, without any distractions that you may experience back home. We offer our clients in-client treatment at our centre, so we can focus on your alcohol rehab programme properly by having you stay with us in luxurious and comfortable accommodation.

Our retreat

When you stay with us at our retreat in Alicante, we will be understanding, sympathetic and ensure that you receive the best treatment, whether you are staying for a short time or a good few weeks. Our staff will make sure that you always feel safe, secure and healthy. We will discuss detox therapies and psychotherapy, so that you can change your attitude towards alcohol and end your behaviours for good.

We want your rehab to be as comfortable and enriching as possible. Our professional team are very experienced in planning detoxes that help and support those that want to emancipate themselves from alcohol addiction through rehab. We can give you effective guidance through a bespoke programme that focuses on healing your body, mind and soul with holistic practices that help you to curb your cravings for drink. We encourage mindfulness activities such as meditation, counselling and yoga to re-adjust your mindset and help you focus on relaxation and recuperation. Our retreat in Spain has plenty to keep your mind occupied while you recover in Alicante’s warm sunshine. There’s three different accommodation types available, with all rooms boasting en-suite, patient access to a fitness instructor, three swimming pools, sauna, in-house cinema, subtropical gardens and a personal chef for dietary requirements. Massage therapy is also available, as well as a private yoga instructor and Tai-Chi classes to keep your mind focused. We’ve even got travel sorted too, with chauffeur services available.

All of our staff members are deeply passionate and committed in supporting their clients at all times. We select our team for their experience and dedication to addiction therapy, as well as their sympathetic and positive approach to getting you back to being yourself. All of our staff exercise the utmost discretion at all times, as well as understanding. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help you or someone you love with a determined or suspected alcohol addiction that requires rehab in Spain.