How to find an Alcohol Rehab near me?

Drug and alcohol addiction is a terrible affliction that negatively impacts the lives of countless people across the United Kingdom.

Luckily for people suffering from an addictive disorder, many rehab centres across the UK can provide medical assistance and addiction treatments to overcome an addictive disorder for the long term.

However, with so many different private rehab treatment centres, it can be pretty hard to decide which treatment programme will be able to provide you with the best possible quality of care for your substance abuse. Achieving a state of sobriety is one of the most critical moments in an addicts life, so it is only natural that you should make sure you get the best addiction treatment when overcoming your drug addiction and/or alcohol addiction.

Below, we will go through some of the critical considerations for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Step One Recovery offers a state-of-the-art addiction treatment referral service that will help you find a personalised evidence-based treatment plan at the private rehab closest to you. Furthermore, all the treatment plans that Step One Recovery finds you a place on will grant you access to a free aftercare programme so that you are not alone once your treatment is completed.


Alcohol Rehab Centres Around My Area

As mentioned previously, there are many private rehabs across the UK. This is a good thing because most people will not have to travel far to get treatments and therapies for their addictive disorder.

Some people like to stay closer to home when they are receiving addiction treatment, regardless of whether they are getting inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment — which we will be going into in more detail below for those who do not know these terms.

When you reach out to Step One Recovery, we will be able to find the closest treatment centres to you geographically — meaning that if you, for instance, live in London, then we will be able to find you treatments in London.

However, since we take into consideration all of the factors affecting your addictive disorder and current state, we may find that there is a treatment centre that will be better equipped to treat you slightly further afield. If this is the case, we may suggest that you choose the better treatment plan and help organise transport there and back. That being said, we want to make this process as straightforward for you as possible so that you may opt for a treatment plan nearer to your home.


What Is Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol rehab is a place where you will go and receive treatment to overcome an addictive disorder. While we often think of rehabs purely being drug rehab treatment centres or alcohol rehab treatment centres, there are also rehabs to help with anxiety and depression recovery. If you are suffering from one of these conditions, we may suggest you consider an anxiety rehab or depression rehab to support your overall mental health.

The types of treatment people receive at a rehab centre can often be categorised as part of an inpatient treatment plan or an outpatient treatment plan. As the name suggests, an inpatient treatment plan will mean that you reside in the rehab centre for the duration of your treatment.

These treatment plans are most commonly recommended for patients as they have much higher success rates for getting individuals sober for the long term. Inpatient treatment is intensive, effective, and requires a lot of commitment — with the treatment plan usually lasting for around 28 days.

Outpatient treatment for drug addiction and alcohol addiction means that you will live at home for the duration of your treatment while making frequent visits to a nearby treatment centre over the course of a complete treatment programme.

Due to the fact that you are returning home after each treatment, instead of being monitored by healthcare support staff, the chances of relapsing can be higher with outpatient treatment.

However, these forms of treatment can be great for people who have commitments, which means they cannot be removed from their day-to-day lives for 28 days. If this is your only option, then outpatient treatment is a much better alternative to not receiving treatment at all.


What To Expect From A Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centre?

While you are at a rehab centre, whether it be for inpatient treatment or outpatient treatment, you will experience a wide array of treatment options. Most rehabs implement a blend of different types of treatment because addiction is a very complex illness with many facets. Treating the body and the mind in various ways will help you achieve a well-rounded recovery.

Most rehabs will begin a course of treatment with a course of detoxification. Withdrawal symptoms are no laughing matter, so letting a rehab centre administer a course of medically-assisted detoxification therapy is the best way to experience this challenging period.

Many one-to-one therapies conducted with a trained therapist will delve deep into the heart of your addiction, helping you to unearth why it is that you have ended up manifesting this disorder. Understanding more about your illness will help you start moving forward, leaving your addiction behind you.

Behavioural therapies such as CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy) will also help break down the behavioural patterns of addiction, allowing you to forge more positive behaviours and form the basis of a relapse prevention plan.

Support groups are also a large part of rehab. With the aid of a support group, you will find solace in the achievements of like-minded individuals who are further along the recovery process. Seeing other people accomplish sobriety can take a lot of the fear out of recovery, and these group sessions can also give you a chance to share your thoughts and worries in a safe space.

You may also get to experience some wellness treatments, such as Yoga and/or meditation. Healthily reliving stress is key to a long term recovery.


Taking You Through The Admissions Process

If you need drug and alcohol treatment, reach out to Step One Recovery today.

Our helpline staff will be able to take you through the quick and easy admission process over the phone and get you set up with a place on the perfect treatment plan for you in no time at all.

Alternatively, if you are here as you are worried about the substance abuse of someone close to you, then we can also help advise you through the staging of an intervention. Ask about our family and friend referral scheme.