Alcoholic Anonymous Speeches

We have really enjoyed writing this article, listening to all of these inspirational speeches and talks has been a pleasure.

The majority of our team here at Step One Recovery have spent some of the most difficult times of their lives in 12-step meetings, often hosted by Alcoholics’ Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

Alcoholics Anonymous is a companionship of men and women who listen and support each other with their common problem of alcoholism.

We’ve done extensive online research to create this valuable resource with the aim of inspiring and helping thousands of people. The issue doesn’t have to be an addiction problem; these speeches can motivate individuals for any of life’s tough tasks. They are truly breathtaking.

These speeches come from some of the most influential figures who have come through the 12-step structure, and some come from somewhat unknown speakers who have changed their lives through addiction recovery.

If you know you are going to listen to each of these clips, then we’d suggest bookmarking this resource, as it may take many hours to get through.

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Here are our Top 75 Alcoholics Anonymous Speeches of All Time – grab a coffee, plug your headphones in and listen carefully.

Earl H – Steps 1 & 2

An Irish-Born Storyteller Finds Her Recovery in America

Don C (Native American) Bluff City, Memphis

“Being Driven by Old Ideas” – 1998

Sandy Beach, The Spiritual Society of AA

Steps 4-9 as the Launching Pad to the 4th Dimension

Archway to Freedom Fellowship | Steps 7-12

Next Steps – Emotional Sobriety – Part 2 (Step 1, Spiritual Malady examined)

Blind Dave A – Steps 01-02

Lila R. – ’33rd International Women’s Conference’ Chicago, IL; 1997

Part 1 – Back to The Basics of Awakening

Earl Hightower – 2002

Russel S – Step 6 Talk

Chris R – Relapse Prevention

Fr. Joe M Chalk Talk

Dead Men Talking – Both Funny and Serious, Especially Good for Newcomers

Chris R – A 12-Step Happening

FUNNY!! – Ken D at 2011 Texas State Convention

Chapter 11 – A Vision For You

Dr. Paul O. – His Story, Funny & Humble

Sandy Beach-Steps 6 & 7 | 22nd. Spring Conference May 2012

Sandy Beach-The Program in Two Words – “Let Go…” – 2008

Sandy Beach- Spiritual Principles – 2002

Astrid H. from Grenada Hills at Yosemite Convention Nov 2010

Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book Audio-Chapter 06 – Into Action

Clancy I. Steps 1 2 3 Stateline Retreat Primm Nevada 2006

Peter M & Chris R on Spiritual Experiences

Earl Hightower – 2003

Russel S – “They Can’t Arrest You for Driving while Fat” – Step 2 , Twelve Step House – 2010

Chris R – “The Edge”

Russel S – Step 6 – “Faking it”

Clancy I. – “The Invisible Boat” – 1983

Chris R – On “Chicken-Sh*t Recovery One Liners”

Sandy Beach – The Ego’s Biggest Worry 🙂

Emotional Sobriety Workshop – Dave F and Mark Houston-Next Steps – Step 2 – (Part 3)

Keith L – “Spiritual Gifts”

Bob D – Surrender – 2007

Astrid – Excellent, Articulate Speaker!

Mark H on Recovery, Spirituality, and Meditation

Tom B. Jr. – Emotional Sobriety & Perfectionism

Sandy Beach – Spirituality Retreat 2008 – Part 5 – Your Own Little World

Sandy Beach – Steps 10 & 11 | State Line Retreat Primm NV

Chris H – The Alcoholic’s “Internal Condition”

Katie P-Joy of Living Group, Aspen CO.10-5-2012

Chris R- On “Singleness of Purpose”

Chris R – “Let’s Chat About These War Stories, Huh!!?…”

Sandy B: 3 Laughs a Minute, Great for Newcomers & Sponsors Alike

Adam T – 2013 – Funny Recovery Share

Dottie S 1988 Summerfest 36Y

Lynbrook PPG 20110719 Sadik – Steps 1-3

Karl M – Humorous Storyteller | The Phenomenon of Craving

Bob D – Step 4 , Fear & Sex at Woodstock of AA, Cocoa Beach FL. May 2010

Sandy Beach – Steps 1 & 2 – 1995

Unblocking The Power – Steps 4-9

Marty J – 6th Spirit of San Francisco CA

Russel S – God as I Understand Him

Joe H – 4. Using The Power – Steps 10, 11, & 12

Chuck C – “A New Pair of Glasses” Part 2

Mark H – Meditation, Step 9, 10, & 11

Dr. Paul O – Communication in Sober Relationships

Jack Brennan – Old-Time Ex-Mobster Jack B’s Story

Polly P – Steps 4 & 5 – 2009

Mickey B-Steps 1-2-3 in Iceland – 2001- (Excellent!)

Sir Anthony H

Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book Audio-Chapter 05 – How It Works

Sandy Beach- Steps 3-7 in Ixtapa Mexico – 1994

Chris R: Self-Centeredness, Inventory, Step 4

Mary M from Houston TX. at 39yj. Kentucky State Conf. Paducah KY. 2-17-90

Anthony H – Pacific Group Meeting

Scott R- Step 4 Inventory – Part 1

The Nature of Alcoholic Self-Centeredness, Resentments, and Steps 3-5

Chris R – Primary Purpose Group London

So there you are, our favourite AA speeches of all time! If there are any that you think we should’ve included, then just let us know – we would definitely consider adding it to our collection.

We would like to thank for letting us use these fantastic tapes. The website is a top resource and we would recommend checking it out.