Benefits Of Staying Sober

Every October, thousands of people from all corners of the UK participate in Go Sober For October in a bid to reduce their alcohol intake.

Though many individuals complete Go Sober For October and remain sober in the weeks, months and even years that follow, a large proportion of participants overlook the benefits of staying sober and once again consume alcohol as October draws to a close.

Whether you are participating in the Go Sober For October event this year and would like to learn more about the benefits of staying sober or are hoping to find out the benefits of overcoming alcohol addiction and remaining sober, you have come to the right place.


What Are The Main Benefits Of Staying Sober?

From restoring organ function to enhancing our mental health, eliminating alcohol from our lives and staying sober comes hand-in-hand with many benefits.

Below, we have shared just a few of the main benefits of staying sober.


Sobriety Boosts Mental Health

Though many people consume alcohol to relieve stress and feelings associated with mental health disorders such as anxiety, alcohol significantly disrupts our thoughts, feelings, and mental health due to being a depressant. This often causes individuals that regularly drink alcohol to experience low moods, insomnia, poor judgement, reduced self-esteem, mood swings and even suicidal thoughts.

Although the short and long-term effects of drinking alcohol on our mental health are significant, quitting alcohol and staying sober is proven to enhance our mental health, leaving us feeling more positive, upbeat and optimistic. Staying sober also increases our confidence and relieves feelings associated with mental health disorders.


Staying Sober Improves Physical Health

Just as alcohol negatively impacts our mental health, it also impairs our physical health. Frequently cited as a contributing factor for heart disease, stroke, liver disease and digestive problems, alcohol gives way to several short and long-term illnesses that are often irreversible.

However, quitting alcohol and staying sober eliminates harmful toxins that cause our physical health to decline. As a result, committing to sobriety leaves us feeling healthier and reduces our risk of suffering from alcohol-related illnesses.


Sobriety Enhances Physical Appearance

Whilst improving our physical and mental health is vital, another benefit of staying sober is that it enhances our physical appearance.

Though not everyone will notice differences in their physical appearance when they drink alcohol, it is not uncommon for physical symptoms such as dull and grey looking skin, jaundice, weight loss and weight gain to occur. Many will also neglect their hygiene and take less pride in their appearance.

Yet, as we commit to sobriety, our physical appearance enhances. This boosts our self-esteem, contributes to improved mental health and helps us feel more confident in ourselves.


Your Relationships with Others Will Improve

Due to the impact that drinking alcohol has on an individual’s psychological health and behaviour, consuming large quantities of alcohol can, unfortunately, cause relationships with friends, family members and colleagues to break down.

Although improving relationships takes a great deal of time and often requires affected parties to attend family therapy and mediation, staying sober is often the first step in healing and repairing relationships.


Staying Sober Increases Cognitive Function

When we drink alcohol over a prolonged period, our brain function drastically decreases. This results in an impaired cognitive function, which ultimately sees us unable to remember what someone has said or what we may have done while under the influence. Left untreated, reduced cognitive function impacts everyday life.

Luckily, when we stop drinking alcohol and remain sober, cognitive function and memory increase within two to three weeks. Not only does this help us learn and handle stress better, but it increases our performance in many aspects of life.


Sleep Quality Improves

As drugs and alcohol are absorbed into the blood, sleep disruption and reduced sleep quality can be expected. This makes it harder to get a good night’s sleep, leading to poor mental health, low energy levels and reduced cognitive function.

However, staying sober increases sleep quality, which ultimately leaves many individuals feeling refreshed, recharged and energised.


Maintaining Your Sobriety

Although there are many benefits of staying sober, here at Step One Recovery, we appreciate that maintaining sobriety is not as easy as many people perceive it to be. To help you as you embark on a sober lifestyle, we have shared several tips that will help you stay on track.

1.Create A Routine

Creating a routine may not seem significant if you are looking to stay sober. However, routines offer structure, which ultimately helps many people absinthe from alcohol and avoids temptation in the early stages of recovery.

2.Attend A Support Group

Attending a support group is highly beneficial for hoping to maintain their sobriety. This is because support groups see individuals from all walks of life come together to confront and share their struggles with alcohol with others.

3.Talk To Someone You Trust

Staying sober can be difficult, especially if you cannot voice any concerns or worries that you may have. As a result, talking to someone you trust is highly recommended if you are to take advantage of the benefits of staying sober.

4.Seek Professional Help

Although we understand that you will want to do everything in your power to maintain your sobriety alone, sometimes professional help is required. If you are struggling with the effects of alcoholism and are finding it difficult to maintain your sobriety, we would encourage you to seek professional help.


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When you contact us, our admissions team will ask you several questions that will help us determine how we can assist you best. From offering you a place in our residential rehab to equipping you with aftercare and a recovery support plan, with our support, we are confident that you will be able to take advantage of the benefits of staying sober.