If you’re looking for a world class rehabilitation clinic, then Step One Recovery in Spain can offer you the full rounded experience that you and your loved ones may need. Nestled in the beautiful town of Javea, our multi-disciplined team can offer you the level of service you need. Dealing with addictions, depression, anxiety, stress, and more, we can work with you to rebuild your health.

For many, choosing the right rehab is a very personal and important choice, as it can mean the difference between life and death. There are many options to consider but choosing a world class rehabilitation clinic like Step One Recovery will give you the tools you need for a happier, healthier and more emotionally equipped life.

Private, safe and secure

Unlike many group therapy centres, we make sure that our team are always on hand so that you have someone to communicate with and somewhere to feel secure. The beautiful grounds mean there are lots of places to enjoy, and the nearby town and beaches offers breath-taking views at any time of day. We also understand the importance of anonymity for many during their detoxing experience so you’ll get your own private, luxury room during your visit to give you your own sanctuary.

World class rehabilitation clinic

Our one-to-one focus means that your experience will be tailored to your individual needs as we explore your health through therapy, nutrition and exercise. From delicious healthy food to world renowned therapists and fitness instructors, meaning you’ll get the best out of every day. The clinic itself houses a cinema, a gym, a spa, 3 pools and everything you could need.

We receive clients from all over the world to sample our cutting edge world class rehabilitation clinic which is completely evidence based and allows you to take your step in the right direction. If this is the level of service that you desire, why not contact the Step One Recovery Centre now.