Sex addiction is predominantly associated with men. Yet there are many women who live with sex addiction and its risks and fears every day. These people are often overlooked and ignored which can make it even more challenging for them to find the support they need. It’s important to raise this issue so it’s not brushed under the carpet simply because it doesn’t fit society’s myths and perceptions of what a woman should be.

What is sex addiction?

Sex addiction is difficult to define as there’s often a fine line between what’s considered ‘healthy’ sexual behaviour and what’s viewed as addictive behaviour. Generally speaking, sex addiction follows very similar patterns to other addictions such as drug and alcohol. It’s fuelled by compulsion where a person cannot control their behavior and will take considerable risks to achieve their ‘high’. Sex addiction gets worse over time and addicts will spend a great deal of time in the planning and obtaining of sex neglecting their career, relationships and family along the way.

This type of criteria is the same for men and women. But it’s especially confusing for women as there are so many mixed messages about female sex and sexuality within society.

The dangers of sex addiction for women

As with many addictions, sex addiction often begins in a fun and carefree way. Lots of women enjoy a varied sex life with different partners. That’s perfectly healthy unless signs of feeling out of control start to show alongside a negative impact on self-esteem. Feeling depressed and low ‘the morning after’ is a sign of addiction as are contracting sexually-transmitted diseases and putting relationships at risk.

From feelings of isolation and self-hate to practising unsafe sex – it’s clear that sex addiction in women poses genuine threats and dangers. Society holds some very pervasive myths about women and sex addiction that make it far more difficult for women to get support. And that support is very much needed as women sex addicts face even more consequences than their male counterparts including unplanned pregnancy and abortion.

Support for female sex addiction in Spain

We take female sex addiction very seriously at the Step One Recovery centre on the Costa Blanca in eastern Spain (near Costa Brava and Costa del Sol). Cultural stereotypes such as women can’t be sex addicts or the only motivating factor for female sex addicts is neediness (when motivation can often be power or loneliness as it is for many male sex addicts) have no place within the walls of our private Alicante estate.

We also understand how difficult it is for women to come forward and seek help for sex addiction. The first step is often the toughest – but you can be certain of a warm welcome without any kind of judgement as soon as you get in touch.

Make a new start in idyllic Alicante

We believe that rehab for sex addiction is a positive way forward that maximises your chance of real recovery. It’s difficult not to feel hopeful as soon as the Step One Recovery centre comes into view. Set amid the beautiful scenery of the Costa Blanca town of Javea, it’s certainly a sight for sore eyes. With views of the Mediterranean Sea and Costa Blanca mountains, the retreat itself is tranquil, calm and peaceful. This luxurious sanctuary is the perfect place to focus on getting better without the distractions and temptations of life at home.

As soon as you arrive, we’ll develop a bespoke treatment plan that includes a range of therapies to help you make positive associations with sex. We’ll also incorporate practices such as yoga, mindfulness and massage as part of our holistic approach to recovery for all aspects of your wellbeing.

Ultimately, we’ll support you in developing a healthier approach and attitude towards sex so that you don’t need to give sex up forever and can look forward to the future. We take a very flexible approach to how long you stay with us to help you accommodate work and family commitments while keeping the focus firmly on recovery. And you can be certain that when you leave our recovery centre in Spain, you’ll have a tailored and clear aftercare programme and support to guide you on your return home.