Why is private addiction treatment essential to my recovery?

A drug and alcohol-fuelled life can be a difficult one to lead. Looking to withdraw, recover and move on from an addiction, alone, can however be even harder.

To instead lead a drug and alcohol-free life, the milestones of addiction recovery will need to be achieved. The most effective and productive way to do so is through professional addiction treatment, of detoxification and rehabilitation kinds.

Down to the invasive nature of addiction, treatment is a necessary step to complete, if long-term recovery is your goal. This is due to the behavioural, physical, and psychological changes that addictive habits result in, all essential to revert and unlearn.

Addiction treatment services provide the tools, the motivations, and the coping strategies to overcome an addiction. An effective programme will also offer additional areas of recovery through holistic therapies, helping to prolong and stabilise sobriety. Not to mention the recovery environment that rehab provides, adding to a prosperous journey.

Offered to its highest of standards via private rehab, completing addiction treatments such as detoxification, talking therapies and relapse prevention will be recommended. Here’s why as we answer, ‘why is private addiction treatment essential to my recovery?’, a commonly asked question here at Step One Recovery.


Is addiction treatment necessary?

In short, yes, addiction treatment is necessary to treat and manage addiction. For milder symptoms, some small changes to routine and a detoxification process can help to control future consumption. Yet in the event of an addiction diagnosis, treatment will be one of many steppingstones to complete.

Treatment is necessary down to how impactful drugs, alcohol and their addictive influences are. Many changes are experienced through addiction, which affects behaviours, health, outlooks, internal functionality, and external actions.

Those changes must be reversed, health must be improved, behaviours must be unlearnt, and actions must be adapted to instead reflect a sober life. Addiction treatment services provide the tools to make such changes, whilst suppressing the weight of addiction in life.

Unfortunately, a cure for addiction is non-existing, as it is an invasive, multidimensional condition. Yet through treatment and management, recovery can be aimed for, unlikely through other means.

Here are the factors which support private treatment services and our answer to ‘why is private addiction treatment essential to my recovery?’.


Why is private addiction treatment essential to my recovery?

Recovering from an addiction will take a significant commitment, to work through a number of steppingstones. Although cutting off drug and alcohol exposure and consumption will benefit the recovery process, greater changes will be required to cement sober living.

Addiction recovery is a long-term, ongoing goal, which requires active efforts of sobriety. Completing private addiction treatment provides the tools, motives, and opportunities for growth to do just that, reflecting the positive and sustainable change.

Here are some of the key benefits and the reason why private addiction treatment is essential, as a part of the overarching process.


Professional help and support

Professional help and support are invaluable through addiction recovery. It can help in many different ways, from a medical landscape to an emotional one. Addiction treatment can be difficult to complete, which is why professional and specialist support is beneficial throughout, best through private services.


Treatment and therapies

Treatment and therapies are essential, non-negotiable steps of rehab that must be completed. Without exposure to addiction treatment services, it will be very difficult to safely withdraw from drugs and alcohol. It will also be challenging to work on the behavioural and psychological changes of addiction, increasing the risks of relapse.

Addiction treatments including a detoxification process and therapy are essential to complete to recover, recognised as tools and steppingstones of sober living.


Ideal recovery environments

By completing private addiction treatment, either an outpatient or inpatient programme via a rehab clinic will be required. Either way, exposure to ideal recovery environments will be found, highly impactful whilst breaking the cycle of addiction. An environment can cause an addiction, can trigger it, and can prolong it. Through private treatment, a safe, relaxing, and professional environment can be expected. Our luxury accommodation and facilities at Step One Recovery are designed for rehabilitation.


Personal recovery plans

Attached to private treatment services will be the value of personalisation. A personal recovery plan will be created, including a range of treatments and therapies, support, and relapse prevention planning. Alongside common services, it’s also expected to experience a recovery plan which caters to personal needs, health, outlook, goals, and lifestyle. For example, someone with poor mental health will experience a personalised service of dual diagnosis treatment, accessible through private rehab.


Holistic recovery

Addiction recovery should be a 360-approach. From relationships and lifestyle choices to mental health and coping strategies, through private addiction treatment, a holistic approach will be followed. Essential to improve, manage and sustain a sober life, holistic services are only available through a bespoke and targeted process to private standards.


Aftercare programmes

All private addiction treatment programmes will follow on with aftercare. As recovery is for the future, it’s important to feel supported and guided, especially through the infancy of sober living. Aftercare services are usually offered for 12 months, for free through private rehab, found as essential to forecast recovery.


Outpatient vs inpatient treatment

Private addiction treatment can be encountered through outpatient and inpatient rehab. Deciding between both will be important, to experience the most effective programme, essential for recovery.

Outpatient rehab is a private service, where weekly visits to rehab will be scheduled to complete a range of treatment sessions. Inpatient rehab will instead require checking into a clinic, to experience a 30-day programme of treatment.

Both options are safe, are private and are instrumental through addiction recovery. Selecting the most suitable option for your personal needs will allow for the benefits of treatment to shine through, highlighted above as we answer, ‘why is private addiction treatment essential to my recovery?’.


Treatments beneficial to addiction recovery

Through rehab, there are a number of different treatments and therapies which are beneficial to addiction recovery. Yet highlighting the value of personalisation, through private addiction treatment, a bespoke programme will be created, even when treating generic addictions.

The likes of a drug and alcohol detoxification process, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, relapse prevention planning and group therapy will be advocated. Yet to what degree will depend on personal needs and also the mix of holistic therapies that are recommended.

Seeing such private addiction treatment as essential to recover is recommended, offering both the benefits of private care and leading treatment opportunities. For a personal answer of ‘why is private addiction treatment essential to my recovery?’, contact our team at Step One Recovery. We offer a range of programmes from our private rehab clinics, offering the essential tools and steppingstones towards addiction recovery.