Step One Recovery is located on the beautiful Costa Blanca on the east coast of Spain. Our location was definitely not picked at random. Careful thought and consideration was put into where we wanted to set up our rehabilitation centre. We needed somewhere that was relaxing, gorgeous and that had an all round positive and healthy vibe and surroundings. This made the Costa Blanca the ideal place.

Javea – The Costa Blanca

Javea in the Costa Blanca is an idyllic town for you to take your first steps into recovery. We believe that traveling to somewhere away from home allows you to really separate yourself from your old habits to re-develop yourself as the person you were always meant to be. On one side of our facility is the flora filled mountains and on the other is the sparkling sea with its sandy beaches. From our luxury estate you will be able to view both of these top class sights.

 Our center was built away from the normal rush and noises of everyday life for our guests to be able to fully immerse themselves on their roads to recovery. Every evening the sky is lit up with breathtaking colours of all different shades as the sun starts to set. Our crystal clear sky also allows you to see the stars at night if you like to gaze up at them. The Costa Blanca’s air quality has been regarded as one of the healthiest by the World Health Organization (WHO) which really allows you to bring your health back to the standard you are needing.

 Visit Step One Recovery center either virtually online or come in, in person to the facility. Contact us today to arrange an appointment and find out any other questions you have about our facility, services and more.