Alcohol is a globally consumed substance. Although in moderation alcohol is perceived innocently, many individuals are living with addictions and drinking problems; along with alcohol fuelled physical and mental health illnesses.

When looking at this global epidemic, some countries that drink the most are suffering significantly. Within many countries, drinking alcohol in general is illegal or branded as unacceptable.

Although this viewpoint is present in many countries, individuals are still suffering with drinking problems, struggling to source reliable support.

Wherever you may be in the world, if your drinking habits have developed, becoming out of control, or addictive symptoms have arisen, causing health problems, reaching out for support within countries with advance treatments will be recommended.


Research into the countries that drink the most

Recent research highlighted on the below infographic has indicated how drinking problems are found globally. However, some countries suffer greater than others. Countries found to drink the most when considering litres of alcohol per capita include Moldova and Belarus, Portugal, Slovakia and Australia. This highlights how drinking problems and addictions can happen to anyone, no matter your culture, environment or residency. Russia, Czech Republic and Lithuania also fall into the higher category of countries that consume the most alcohol.

By viewing alcoholism on a global scale, countries identified to consume the least amount of alcohol include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Yemen. However, alcohol consumption is occurring, even where legislation and cultural opinions deviate. Although less individuals consume alcohol, this research shows how dangerous an addiction can be, especially with the lack of support and recovery programmes available in these countries. Within countries similar to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, individuals suffering with alcoholism are either struggling alone or require the support of specialists abroad; this highlighting the demand at our Spain based rehab facility.

No matter which countries are identified to drink the most, issues are present worldwide, mainly influenced by mental health illnesses, standing at 49%. This figure indicates how severe addictive behaviours and substance abuse work hand in hand, causing high concerns.


The effects alcohol consumption has

Alongside identifying which countries drink the most and least, research shows the negative impacts causing significant health problems. As consumption rates and the level of alcohol increase, associated side effects are likely to be experienced, attaching many dangers.

Consistent, long-term alcohol-abuse is commonly causing illnesses such as high blood pressure, mouth, breast, liver and stomach cancer, along with severe mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. These are severe effects, causing physical and psychological illness, and even death in some chronic cases. For example, in 2016, 3 million deaths were induced by alcoholism and alcohol related illnesses. As the number of individuals abusing alcohol rises, and the amount of countries suffering without local support increases, death tolls will continue to grow.


The future of alcohol consumption and addiction

The future of alcohol consumption and addictions on a global scale are alarming, especially for countries who drink the most. Research shows how more than a quarter of 15-19-year olds worldwide consume alcohol. Likewise, high ratings are shown for those within the 20-39 age bracket. This is highly concerning as younger generations are becoming effected by alcoholism, increasing the demand for local, highly valuable support.

Additionally, in 2016, alcohol was responsible for 7.2% of deaths within individuals under 69 years of age, increasing premature mortality levels. This is a disturbing piece of data as younger generations are falling victim to alcoholism.


Finding support to reduce or stop drinking for good

If you’re living with an alcohol addiction, whether you fall into the category of countries that drink the most, or lower categorise where support is limited, reaching out for help should be your next step.

Research suggests how alcoholism and the negative effects will continue to develop for years to come, without serious intervention. Here at Step 1 Recovery, we’re passionate about helping those in need through addiction treatment. Rehabilitation is one of the most effective routes which will help individuals fully recover from addiction. If completed, alcohol consumption levels will reduce globally, while improving the health of many individuals.

Without reaching out for support, serious physical and psychological implications are probable. An addiction to alcohol is an engrained behavioural illness which needs to be targeted from the initial trigger. Triggers vary from person to person, yet the smallest stimuli can influence a drinking problem. With this in mind, professional support is required to delve deeper and cure the root of the problem.

No matter where you are in the world, here at Step 1 Recovery, we will help transport you to our rehab facility, while supporting you through your own personalised treatment programme.


Addiction treatment to help those with drinking problems

For those struggling with drinking problems or alcoholism, addiction treatments are accessible from our treatment centre. As mental health issues are a leading causation for alcohol consumption, treatment for a dual diagnosis will also be offered.

Common addiction treatments include an alcohol detox, cognitive behavioural therapy, individual and family therapy and motivational therapy. Alternative treatment methods may also be suggested; however, this will depend on your personalised treatment programme.

Likewise, your complete rehab journey will alter from other clients, promoting recovery and comfort. Our rehab facility is multi-cultural and fully respects the opinions and activities of differing countries. Therefore, please be reassured that comfort and personalised will be prioritised when moving to Spain for treatment.

As data indicates, countries that drink the most are experiencing many negative health problems, with a large focus on mental health illness. Likewise, this effect is also impacting countries where alcohol consumption is reduced; supporting the need for greater global support.

If you’re experiencing any side effects of an addiction, or would like to diminish your drinking problem, we can help. Reach out today to overcome your habits.


Our Infographic

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