Sometimes, an intervention is the only way to start someone on the first step of his or her journey with Step One Recovery Centre. An intervention is the process by which an addict’s family, friends, counsellors or professional intervention specialists can show the addict his destructive behaviours in a way that may result in the addict choosing to seek help immediately.

What is an intervention?

An Intervention is the coming together of a group of loved ones to help an individual, does this sound like something that the person you have in mind will need? Before you act, speak to Step One Recovery Centre first to help all the advice. Our experts can keep you on the right path.

Once you can identify the issue, you can start to stop the problem. Drinks, drugs, and gambling can all affect families, friends and more, so don’t let it go on too long. No love bond can be broken forever, so make the right choice.

Contacting Step One Recovery is easy. Call us or email us, we’ll be ready.