What happens when I finish an alcohol detox

Detoxing is part and parcel of overcoming any degree of alcohol abuse or dependence. It’s essential to deter physical cravings and ongoing fixations to the positive reinforcers of alcohol. However, to truly recover and reduce all risks of relapse, efforts must continue once an alcohol detox finishes.

A common question we get asked here at Step One Recovery is ‘what happens when I finish an alcohol detox?’. It’s understandable why many individuals do lack awareness of the next steps, as detox is the most attached recovery process which is relatable and digestible.

However, it’s also essential to be aware of, respect and commit to follow-on steps, post-detox, to see out rehabilitation. Offering a wealth of treatments and therapies, along with varying deliveries of such treatments, keep reading to see our relevant response.

Post-detox steps are tailored, are proactive and are necessary to overcome alcohol abuse and addiction. See what’s ahead by committing to and completing alcohol detoxification and rehabilitation with our backing.


The importance of detoxification

Detoxing from alcohol if you’re looking to withdraw and recover is extremely important. It offers the route out from physical consumption, which can be difficult to break without intervention.

You may have already looked to get clean from alcohol, by stopping your consumption through the cold turkey approach. Yet, such approach is known to influence challenging withdrawal symptoms, which mostly push users further towards alcohol exposure.

An alcohol detox, if completed with medical supervision and recommendation will however do the opposite, by removing alcohol from your body, at a slow and safe pace, to detach from exposure. It’s the best way to kickstart recovery, to prepare the body for sobriety.

It is important to remember that an alcohol detox carries importance. Yet additional steps will be required to strengthen recovery capabilities, while also securing full rehabilitation. Here’s our take on ‘what happens when I finish an alcohol detox?’, to help you prepare for that full encounter.


What happens when I finish an alcohol detox? Here are some possibilities

A detox will occur through a rehab clinic, which will work you through the process of alcohol withdrawal. This will deter physical cravings while healing the body from the misuse of alcohol. However, to recover entirely from addiction, and to manage sobriety, further steps must follow once an alcohol detox does finish.

There will be some decisions to make, along with some significant commitments, to continue your efforts forward, from your detox, towards your long-term recovery journey. Here are some possibilities for you, to follow on from detoxification.


Outpatient rehabilitation

Outpatient rehab programmes are offered to some clients on a post-detox basis. Here’s where treatment sessions will be encouraged within a set routine, while clients work on the rest of their recovery from home.

This is a natural progression for clients after finishing an alcohol detox, where minimal psychological vulnerabilities or attachments are present. This is down to how independent outpatient rehabilitation can be, which can deter recovery for some individuals. In this event, inpatient rehabilitation will be recommended.


Inpatient rehabilitation

Offered by residing from a rehab clinic, inpatient rehabilitation, also known as residential rehab, provides greater assurance and structure for clients with complex addiction diagnoses.

As care is on offer at a 24/7 rate, comfort and safety are assets of inpatient rehabilitation. Many individuals prefer this option to encounter after finishing an alcohol detox, as it prolongs a deterrent from any exposure to alcohol.

Inpatient rehab provides consistent and intense addiction treatment sessions, offers ongoing support of many sorts, provides distance from influences to strengthen recovery and also removes all risks of alcohol exposure/consumption.

Either outpatient or inpatient rehab will need to follow on from an alcohol detox, to recommend and carry the completion of treatments and therapies, appropriate for alcohol addiction recovery. For help with this decision, we can assist here at Step One Recovery.


Treatments and therapies

Are you wondering ‘what happens when I finish an alcohol detox?’? If so, addiction treatment is the answer, to help promote psychological healing from addiction.

An addiction can affect the mind in many different ways, which is why care and attention must be given to follow-on treatments and therapies. Recommendations of addiction treatment will be made on a personal basis for you, to ensure that you do detox correctly from a psychological standpoint.

Many of our clients work through cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, stress management, group therapy and family therapy at this point, along with further niche types of therapy.

The aim through this part of rehab, which can last 28 days (including your detox process) is to adapt the way you look at alcohol consumption, to change your future relationship with it. Any mental health vulnerabilities will also be worked through at this point, known as dual diagnosis treatment, which may be recommended to you depending on your alcohol problems.



A detox will be followed by addiction treatment, which will then be followed by aftercare. This is the natural process of alcohol rehab, moving you through each phase, to ensure that you’re supported and positioned to recover.

Aftercare will help you maintain your standpoint away from alcohol. Through outpatient rehabilitation, support group sessions and further types of therapy will be recommended, to work alongside relapse prevention. Post-rehab planning, throughout your active programme, will also help you work towards this point.


Seeing recovery as a comprehensive process

It’s natural to fixate on the opportunity to detox from alcohol, as this will be the most familiar step for you. Detoxification is regularly attached to addiction recovery for its approachable standpoint. However, detoxing alone will not help you fully recover and sustain sobriety.

You’ll need to see recovery as a comprehensive process, with many different steps and milestones. following on from an alcohol detox, many positive, worthwhile steps will advance, to help you recover on physical and psychological levels.

All steps can be facilitated and guided through alcohol rehab to help you feel comfortable and confident in addiction recovery. This is something we can help you with at Step One recovery.

Reach out if you have any other questions, similarly to ‘what happens when I finish an alcohol detox?’. We’re more than happy to help you feel aware of what’s ahead throughout alcohol rehab.

Recovery isn’t straightforward. Yet with greater insight, you can understand how to work towards the right recovery milestones, with our support.