Depression is a complicated illness that affects everyone differently. It’s misunderstood and often trivialised with some people believing that it’s not a genuine illness with real symptoms.

It is a real illness that is far more serious than feeling fed up or down for a few days. It can be when a person feels persistently sad for weeks and months. It’s not something that can be resolved by ‘pulling yourself together’.

At Step One Recovery, we believe in creating tailored treatment programmes for depression that help each of our individual clients overcome this illness and look to the future. Our beautiful rehab and recovery centre based in Spain provides an unrivalled retreat to accept and understand this illness while building strong coping mechanisms to help you lead a normal, happy life.

There are many types affecting people living in London and across the UK. Some are more common than others, but our expert team based at our rehab centre are experienced in helping clients overcome them. 

Depression with anxiety

Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand and it can be difficult to separate one from the other. If you’re suffering with depression, your general state of mind is dark and gloomy, and the future can seem full of fear. This fear and feeling unable to cope with it can lead to anxiety.

Living with anxiety can be an incredibly draining experience – both physically and emotionally. This can lead to feelings of hopelessness and in turn, depression. Although depression with anxiety is the most common mental health condition in London and the UK, the good news is that you can overcome both with the right support.

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