Whether you’re living with addiction or struggling with depression and anxiety, getting the right support is fundamental to making a recovery at step one recovery. Both addiction and mental health issues are incredibly complex conditions. Their impact can be devastating – the effects and fallout of these conditions are not to be underestimated.
Getting back on track and on the road to recovery takes time, effort and expertise. It’s so difficult to do it alone and the chances of succeeding are remote. So whether your battle is with drugs or alcohol, or you’ve found yourself depending on prescription medication or gambling your life away – it’s time to get the support you deserve.

Step One Recovery puts you first

We believe in treating our clients as the individuals that they are. ‘One size fits all’ has no place in compassionate, effective and enduring addiction treatment programmes, so we tailor each programme to each client to meet their needs and provide the strongest chance of recovery.

From the moment you make that first call to Step One Recovery, you can be certain that we’re listening and truly understanding the nature of your addiction or mental health problem. You’ll speak to a professional member of our dedicated team. He or she will be completely non-judgemental and will help you realise that with help, love and support, you can recover and live a healthy life.

A warm welcome to our recovery centre

Admission into the Step One Recovery centre is designed to be stress-free and seamless. We take care of the details so that you can focus on getting better. Our recovery centre is based in an exclusive location on Spain’s Costa Blanca. The private estate is the perfect sanctuary to begin recovery and leave stress and anxiety behind. With its incredible views of blue seas, beautiful beaches and stunning mountain ranges, relaxing and reflecting is completely natural.

An individual treatment team of psychotherapists, doctors, counsellors and medical staff will be assigned to you to provide the opportunity to build strong relationships to support your recovery. Working with you, they’ll develop a bespoke treatment programme including cutting-edge, evidence- based holistic treatment, as well as individual psychotherapy sessions.

Each day, you’ll have scheduled appointments with members of your treatment team. We believe in taking a holistic approach to treating addiction, anxiety and depression. So in addition to the medical experts mentioned previously, you’ll also have a yoga teacher, meditation teacher and personal trainer. Many of our clients have benefited greatly from incorporating yoga, meditation and exercise into their recovery journeys. As in everything we do, we’ll ensure that forms of yoga/meditation and types of exercise are the most appropriate for you.

The right stay for you

Some of our clients living with drug, prescription medication or alcohol addiction may need 24-hour medical care to ensure detox is safe and as comfortable as possible when they first arrive at the Step One Recovery centre. Their intensive residential treatment programme will begin once detox is completed. Most of our other clients begin their programme immediately.

Whenever your programme begins, you can be certain that we’ve taken the time to go through all of your details and requirements to create the right treatment programme for you. Any personal issues will be taken into account, as will any other physical or psychological conditions you’re living with. We’ll also take an in-depth look at your relationship with other people and the world around you.

Flexible lengths of stay

Many of our clients stay with us for around 28 days to ensure that they get the very most out of their intensive treatment programme. This seems to be a good length of time to detox if necessary, leave stress and anxiety behind and make a solid start on the road to recovery.

However, this time period is in no way set or stringent. We’re committed to always doing what’s right for you, so treatment programmes can always be extended or reduced. Every week your programme will shift in response to the pace of your recovery. As you get healthier, clearer and brighter, the entire treatment focus will adapt to suit you and your requirements.

We understand that there may be circumstances where it’s only possible for you to spend a few days with us. But that still gives us a significant opportunity to provide intensive treatment and set goals to make positive changes. On the other hand, you may have spent a couple of weeks with us and feel that you need more time. That’s no problem too – we’ll simply extend your stay and adapt your treatment programme.

When you do leave our recovery centre, a structured aftercare programme will already be in place. This includes weekly support meetings and 24-hour telephone support.