Gambling addiction affects people from all walks of life. It’s a relatively common phenomenon for professional executives based in London and other major cities. The pressures of work coupled with easy access to luxury casinos make for a dangerous combination. And of course, online adds to the risks of developing an addiction as it’s so easy to go online and join games of poker, roulette etc. It also makes it far easier to relapse for recovering addicts. We’re here to help you spot the signs and symptoms of an addiction.

This addiction is also known as compulsive gambling or gambling disorder. It’s an impulse-control disorder which means a person cannot stop themselves from acting on an inclination or impulse. A person living with gambling addiction is compelled to gamble, even when it begins to take control of their lives.

At what point does gambling become an addiction?

If gambling is interfering or having a negative impact on your life, work, family and relationships then it’s becoming an addiction. If you carry on like this, even when the odds are against you and you can’t afford to lose, it’s time to seek help.

Over time, this addiction can take over more and more of your life. A compulsive gambler finds themselves preoccupied with gambling and spends more money and time on trying to win. Eventually, even affluent professionals’ finances can take a serious hit from gambling.

It’s important to understand that it doesn’t have to be totally out of control for it to be an addiction. Being an addict doesn’t mean that you have to be gambling every day or that it’s not really a problem if you have the financial resources for it. If this addiction is disrupting your life, it’s an addiction that needs to be overcome.

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