Far too often, alcoholism remains hidden within our society and communities. Many individuals and their families are affected by it and struggle alone. The results and consequences can be devastating – both to the individual’s health and their family and home life. Professional life is often also impacted and there are times when it can seem very difficult (and even impossible) to see a way forward.
Watching someone you love struggle and battle with alcoholism is a terrible experience that can leave you feeling hopeless and helpless. If your loved one regularly loses control while drinking, craves a drink when not drinking or needs more and more alcohol to get through the day, then it’s extremely likely they’re suffering from alcoholism.

You may have already thought about persuading your loved one to go into an alcohol rehab clinic or recovery centre. There’s no doubt that alcohol rehab can be an effective way to help your loved one get their life and alcoholism under control. But talking to an alcoholic about alcohol rehab can be a frustrating and challenging experience. Your loved one will probably find it difficult to admit that alcohol has taken control of their life. They may say that they don’t need alcohol rehab and that there’s not a problem. We also understand that in some circumstances, alcoholism has become so developed that having a sober conversation can be difficult.

Alcohol rehab with Step One Recovery in Spain

At Step One Recovery, we’re highly experienced in supporting families in getting the right help for a loved one living with alcoholism. We provide expert alcohol rehab and recovery at our exclusive recovery centre based in Spain. But more importantly if your loved one is not ready to realise their alcoholism – we also provide alcohol intervention to help kick-start recovery.

How intervention can lead to alcohol rehab

Our expert team of intervention professionals will ease the admission of a loved one to our alcohol rehab centre in Spain. It’s important to get help sooner rather than later – we’re experienced in supporting people who are currently in denial about their condition. They may well be a danger to themselves or others. Again, this is something we’re accustomed to tackling.

Our therapists can arrange an intervention over the phone, or by meeting in person to discuss the situation with you, your loved one and any other family members that need to be involved. On so many occasions, we see loved ones agreeing to go into our alcohol rehab and recovery centre quickly and easily. It’s as though being in a room with one of our professional people alongside family members can help alcoholics understand they don’t have to cope alone anymore. That they’ve been hurting themselves and the people they love, and now the time has come to agree to alcohol rehab treatment and get better.

A positive way to begin recovery at our alcohol rehab centre

It’s only natural to find the idea of intervention daunting, but we really believe they’re necessary and important to instigate change. There may be times during the intervention that feelings run high and the atmosphere becomes tense, but you can be certain we’ll help to make the intervention experience reassuring rather than stressful.

Our intervention expert will speak in a clear, but respectful way, about the destructive behaviour or attitude that their addiction is causing. Their aim is to change your loved one’s mind from denial to acceptance of the problem, with a view to being admitted for alcohol rehab treatment at our recovery centre in Spain.

The next step after intervention

We understand at the Step One Recovery centre how important it is for intervention to flow into admission and then treatment. We’ll handle all of the details so that you can focus on supporting your loved one in going into alcohol rehab and recovery.

Our luxurious alcohol rehab centre in Spain is a beautiful retreat designed to promote healing and recovery. It’s located on the Costa Blanca in Eastern Spain on a private estate with incredible views of blue seas, beautiful beaches and stunning mountain ranges. Our alcohol rehab treatment takes an extremely holistic approach – we believe in treating the whole person rather than providing a quick fix. A diverse range of therapies will enable your loved one to build new coping strategies and find ways to lead a healthier, happier life.

Recovery begins at our alcohol rehab centre in Spain, but your loved one will need to care for their complete wellbeing and avoid relapses when they leave us. Real recovery is for the rest of a person’s life, so we’ll work on relapse prevention techniques during the alcohol rehab treatment programme.

We also provide a comprehensive aftercare service which is free for our clients for a 12-month period after leaving residential alcohol rehab. It involves group therapy on a weekly basis and ongoing telephone support. The aftercare service is available in Spain every weekend. Your loved one’s aftercare will be discussed and decided on before leaving our alcohol rehab centre in Spain.