Our beautiful recovery centre is based in Javea on the Costa Blanca in eastern Spain. This idyllic Alicante retreat (not far from Costa Brava and Costa del Sol) is a wonderful place to begin your recovery journey. There are no rules or regulations on how long you stay with us – we’re solely committed to doing what’s right for you.

As soon as you get in touch, you’ll experience a warm welcome without pressure or judgement. You’ll speak to a professional member of our dedicated team in complete confidence. They will ask a few questions including how long you think you might be able to stay with us (but you won’t be asked to make any decisions) before arranging a comprehensive telephone assessment.

Taking control of your future with Step One Recovery

If you do decide to come to the Step One Recovery centre in Spain, you can be certain you’re in safe, expert hands every step of the way. If necessary, we’ll support you through detox before developing a bespoke treatment programme to help you begin recovering from alcohol addiction. Ideally, you’ll be able to stay with us from detox though to the end of the programme. But not all of our clients are able to do this and that’s fine – we simply work out ways of continuing recovery away from our rehab centre in Spain and pick up the programme at a later date when our client can return to Costa Blanca.

Whatever the length of your stay, it’s important to remember that recovery lasts for a lifetime far beyond rehab. Aftercare is one of our most important services and we encourage our clients to return to our centre for support from counsellors and peers. We also provide ongoing telephone support.

Do not wait for help to come to you, go to help, contact Step One Recovery today.