If you’re living with alcohol or drug addiction, going through detox can be a very daunting prospect. You probably have more questions than answers and feel uncertain about your next step. But if you have come to a point where you can see there’s a problem, you’ve already made huge progress. Recognising addiction is incredibly difficult and is probably the most challenging part of the recovery journey for most people.

Helping you take the next step

We’re experts in supporting people through the detox process and onto recovery. From your very first point of contact, we’ll smooth the way forward and make your admission into rehab seamless and straightforward.

We understand that detoxing from alcohol and drugs in the community is not easy. Some find it impossible. Detoxing in one of our recovery centres provides the support you need through a very difficult time. Alcohol and drug withdrawal symptoms can be extremely unpleasant and temptation is all around. When a person living with addiction begins to feel the effects of withdrawal it’s easy to relapse knowing another drink or hit will make you feel better.

At the centre of your recovery

The experience and expertise of our highly-qualified team of professionals will ensure that you are supported throughout your journey of treatment and recovery.

Detox in safe hands

Before you come in to either of our centres, we’ll carry out a pre-admission assessment to determine whether you need a medically-supervised detox. Your safety always come first, so if we think this is the best option your detox will be supported by a doctor assigned to your treatment plan complete with an experienced medical team.

To keep things as stress-free and easy as possible, you’ll have the option to detox in the UK at our Watford or Blackpool centre, or in the comfort of our recovery centre in Spain. This is one of the great benefits of our partnership as you’ll have the opportunity to choose a location that’s right for you.

Recovery after detox

Detox really is just the beginning to getting better. Our highly-trained medical teams and therapists will work together to address the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your recovery. One of our first priorities is ensuring your physical wellbeing. After your medical detox and once your appetite has returned, cravings have reduced and sleep patterns have stabilised, we’ll begin to address the mental and emotional aspects of recovery.

We’ll work with you to help you understand the nature of your addiction and how you can regain control. You’ll have your own team of people including psychotherapists, counsellors and doctors and will spend time each day in one-to-one therapy. We believe in taking a holistic approach and treating the whole person, so we’ll also look at alternative treatments and therapies to support your recovery.

Putting your needs first

Whichever of our centres you choose to begin your detox and recovery journey, you can rest assured of complete discretion and confidentiality. We want to keep taking that first step as stress-free as possible, so it’s important to know that this is something you never need to worry about. From the moment you contact us, all of your details and information are classified by our team of people who are committed to confidentiality – from our doctors and therapists to cleaners and chefs. Treatment is on a one-to-one basis and therapy is held in private rooms so you can relax and focus on your recovery.

Committing to staying for a set period of time is another area that we’ve found can be stressful for people before they come into one of our centres. That’s why we take a very flexible approach to lengths of stay. After an alcohol or drug detox, many people stay with us for around 28 days so they can really tackle the underlying issues of their addiction once physical withdrawal has finished. But we understand that this isn’t always possible, so we can also arrange 7 and 14 day stays.

However long you decide to stay for, we’ll re-assess as your recovery goes on and change your treatment plan to suit your evolving needs. You can reduce or extend your stay at any time – it’s all about what’s best for you.