Stuck deciding between Spain or Thailand? Thailand is a beautiful and exotic land however, if you are looking for a luxury rehab or recovery centre it may not be your most viable option.

The cost of a luxury recovery centre alone can be quite substantial and this plus the price of the flights to Thailand and you may as well take a second mortgage out right now. The average weekly costs of a luxury rehab centre in Thailand is around £2000+ a week, which may seem like not a lot considering what the brochure says they offer however in the grand scheme of things what do you really know about them?

Spain or Thailand? Dig deep!

Knowing the ins and outs of the luxury recovery centre you have chosen to go to is of paramount importance for any recovering addict. Are all of the staff professionally trained? Are the facilities all of high end and the best quality? Will they realistically look after all of your needs?

Knowing all of this can be difficult due to the distance between you and the recovery centre however; attending a recovery centre in Spain eliminates these issues. At Step One Recovery we understand that long distance travel may not be an option for certain addicts on their journey to recovery and because of this we have located our luxury centre on the coast of the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain.

Our facilities are of the highest quality and receive regular maintenance to ensure they are always running smoothly and all of our staff are experts in their fields. The price of a flight to Thailand may cost you and arm and a leg but a flight to Spain even a last minute one will cost you no more than £170 on a bad day.

Make the best choice for you and contact us at Step One Recovery for more information today!