Alcoholism is a disease of the mind and body and thankfully one that can be treated. Many people who are alcohol dependant may not know there are signs you’re an alcoholic however they may be obsessed with drinking and when drinking unable to control the quantity they consume. An alcohol dependency can have a fatal on your social, work and romantic life.

Alcohol dependency is a severe disorder and one that includes these symptoms;

  • Craving – A strong and unquenchable need and urge to drink.
  • Loss of control – Not being able to stop drinking once you have started.
  • Dependence – Chronic withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, sweating, shakiness and negative emotional states.
  • Tolerance – The need to drink great amounts of alcohol to feel the same effect

People who are alcohol dependent will spend the majority of their time drinking, making sure they have easy access to alcohol and the recovery process the day after which in turn can have very negative effects on responsibilities and other activities.

Signs you’re an alcoholic

A treatment or detox program is always the best way to begin the recovery process. A properly supervised detox program where you will have the full attention of an expert is of paramount importance on the road to recovery.

Denial is one of the most common signs you’re an alcoholic or someone who is alcohol dependent. When a person is in denial they will likely drink more out of frustration and spite and this can quickly turn to violence. If you have people close to you telling you to cut down it is more than likely they are not telling you this to frustrate you. Listen to your friends and family and if they are offering help, take it.

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