Most sexual addictions are based around a never-ending preoccupation with sexual fantasies that border on obsession. For many addicts, sex will be their primary focus on a day to day basis. An individual who is addicted to sex may be unable to quit even if they want to, even though this will have many negative effects on their life, such as:

  • Relationship problems
  • Trouble at work or in school
  • Declining physical/emotional health
  • Loss of interest in hobbies and other healthy activities they previously enjoyed
  • Financial troubles
  • Problems with the law

As almost all addicts do, they will feel ashamed about what they are doing. In times of remorse, they will tell themselves that this is the last time. Until the next time. As with any disease of the mind, they have a loss of control. They want to move on and lead a normal life but they just cannot seem to get the thoughts out of their head, and generally speaking, these thoughts will lead to action. In many cases, their fantasies may get out of hand and go against everything they believe in, including; religion, safe sex, and physical harm to others during the act.

Sex Addiction – Causes

Sexual addictions are not derived from a need to enjoy the act itself, sex addicts are usually trying to escape from real life issues whether they are; stress, anxiety, depression, or some other unresolved trauma. The reasons why drug addicts use and why alcoholics drink are normally for the same reasons. You and I may call a loved one for a chat when we are feeling low and unhappy, however, a sex addict will turn to sex in order to make themselves feel better and control how they feel.

As is the case with many different addicts including drug addicts and alcoholics, they like to stay high for as long as possible. This is why they tend to be less interested in actual sex and more so in the fantasies they create in their mind. An orgasm ends the experience and brings them back to real life, the thing they are trying so hard to escape.

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