An innovative new approach to detox is changing perceptions and breaking new ground within rehab and recovery. For people living with alcohol and drug addiction, getting through detox can be a significant obstacle in beginning the journey to long-term recovery. Reducing withdrawal symptoms and the time taken to begin feeling a physical, mental and emotional improvement could make a considerable difference to an individual’s chances of success.
The NAD+ DETOX programme presents a new way to detox that’s quicker and cuts cravings. It works by delivering a tailored infusion known as NAD+ coenzyme intravenously via a drip. Several infusions are given over a few days with most people feeling clearer and brighter in just 5 days. Studies have shown an impressive decrease in cravings helping to prevent relapse. This development is extremely important as relapse in the early stages of sobriety can be common.

How does NAD+ DETOX work?

NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is a simple metabolic coenzyme of niacin and a type of vitamin B (B3) that aids energy production within your body. Research has shown that people living with addiction have a NAD+ deficiency and that alcoholism can reduce NAD+ levels further still. NAD+ regenerates and rejuvenates the body by:

  • Supporting the restructure and repair of the body’s cells (as NAD+ is a natural metabolic coenzyme of vitamin B3 which is found in every cell of the human body)
  • Reacting with oxygen to form energy to fuel major organs including the brain and heart
  • Replenishing depleted stores of NAD+ (common in people living with alcohol and some forms of drug addiction) to significantly reduce cravings
  • Restoring brain function for increased clarity and lucidity

You’ll feel stronger and more able to look towards recovery within just a few days. Most people feel less tired and cognitive functions and concentration skills are restored.

Other uses of NAD+

As NAD+ stimulates cell repair and growth within the body, it’s also used to treat other disorders, diseases and conditions. The therapy is delivered intravenously in the same way as it is for alcohol and drug addiction. From neurological disorders to chronic fatigue syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease to bipolar disorder – this natural therapy has the potential to improve so many people’s lives with no side effects.

The detox that could make the difference

If you (or a loved one) are living with alcohol or drug addiction, then the NAD+ DETOX programme could be the fresh start that you need. For drug addiction, NAD+ is particularly effective for the detox of amphetamines (speed, uppers), opiates (heroin, morphine and many painkillers) and benzopines (tranquillisers). If you’ve tried to give up and relapsed in the past then NAD+ offers a new opportunity to begin building a better future.

NAD+ DETOX with Step One Recovery, Spain

We’ve helped many people overcome addiction at our discreet and exclusive recovery centre near Alicante in eastern Spain. And as part of our commitment to bringing the most innovative and effective developments in rehab and recovery to our clients, we’re proud at Step One Recovery to have added the NAD+ Detox programme to our rehab options.

It’s an ideal way to begin your recovery journey with us that maximises your chances of success. As soon as you arrive at the Step One Recovery centre, you’ll feel in safe hands – as though everything is taken care of. That’s exactly the case, giving you the opportunity to really focus on getting better within the relaxed setting of our residential rehab centre on the beautiful Costa Blanca (near Costa Brava and Costa del Sol).

Your NAD+ DETOX programme will be medically supervised throughout to make sure that you’re feeling comfortable. You’ll notice your cravings reducing in frequency and intensity, and your mind will begin to feel clearer. We’ll develop a bespoke recovery treatment programme to help you move on to the next stage beyond detox.

Begin your journey in Costa Blanca, Spain

Overcoming alcohol or drug addiction can be extremely challenging but we’ll be with you every step of the way. We approach recovery by treating you as a whole person (rather than solely treating your addiction). That’s why we incorporate a lot of holistic treatments within our programmes including elements such as nutrition, exercise, yoga and meditation to care for your physical, psychological and emotional health. Therapy is at the heart of our treatment and helps you to deal with the underlying issues behind your addiction.