For many, the idea of mixing their detoxing experience is made easier by the thought of spending it somewhere away from home, in a warm climate. This is one of the reasons people choose a rehab in Thailand as they can go somewhere surrounded by beauty, but is this the best choice for you?

Rehab in Thailand

Firstly a rehab in Thailand means that you’ll have to spend much more on a flight there than you would to Thailand. As most Recovery Centre stays are booked to happen within one month, a last minute flight to Thailand according to Skyscanner is £750 return. The cost of flight to Spain at the same time is £187, so you are already saving. To continue on with the cost, the average stay of a rehab in Thailand is about £2000 a week, which is an affordable option, but do you know the history of the centre? Do they employ well-trained experts who speak your language? Do they offer around the clock care? When choosing your detox programme, make sure you take into account all the different areas of service offered, rather than just looking at the price.

Rehab in Spain

When you start your journey with Step One Recovery Centre, our experts will help however you need it. From speaking to and reassuring a family member, to arranging the transport from your house, it doesn’t matter how serious the individual is, we make your experience easy, and relaxing. With flight times to Thailand on average taking 11 hours (or longer with a stop offer) your rehab in Thailand can become a stressful experience and for some, simply too long without the support you need.

Situated in the beautiful town of Javea, surrounded by the sea, sand and silence, your experience will be enjoyable and relaxing. A stay at Step One Recovery Centre doesn’t only offer a 5 star experience, but our team can guarantee you a better time than anything rehab in Thailand might have offered. Contact us now to make the first step to a better life.