An individual’s rehab needs vary depending on the person. In the same way that no addict has the same story, no two recovery processes will be identical. Everyone responds to therapy in their own way and each person’s duration is different.

Nonetheless, the following factors play a role in how long your rehab stay should be:

The duration of your drug abuse, as well as frequency and amounts used

The type of narcotic you are using/addicted to

Your history of drug use, addiction and drug dependency

Your individual psychological profile

Generally speaking, the longer your stay in a residential facility is, the more time you will have to think, process, and work on the ins and outs of your recovery. You will have the ability to get to the root of your addiction and really understand it and come to terms with it. You will also benefit from 24/7 supervision and an environment that will allow you to really focus on yourself, away from everyday stress.

Longer rehab

Studies have found that a 90 day rehab program reported a higher rate of success than a 30 or 60 day stay, especially for more severe cases of chronic addiction. At Step One Recovery we recommend the 3 month treatment cycle as it gives you the best chance at a new beginning. The body only really starts to even itself out in the weeks and months after rehab, and that can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months and longer depending on the addiction itself. If you want the best chance of recovery then do not rush it, stay the extra month and truly achieve sobriety.

In the least severe cases of drug dependence, rehab programs usually last for 30 days. This is the normalized “minimum duration of stay” possible. On the other hand, the maximum length of narcotic rehabilitation programs is not fixed and depends on the patient’s decision and needs. Some stays in treatment last 6-9 months, or even up to a year.

In the less severe cases of drug dependency a rehab program will last for around 30 days. This is generally known as the “minimum duration of stay”. The maximum duration of a rehab program is not fixed as it entirely depends on the decision of the patient and their needs. Some stays in treatment can last from 3 months to even an entire year.

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