Considering going into rehab can be a critical turning point if you’re living with gambling addiction. At Step One Recovery, we believe in approaching gambling addiction in a holistic way with empathy and respect. Our one-to-one treatment programmes can support you in tackling the reasons why you gamble and help you build new healthier habits for the future.

We also treat anxiety and depression, which can be common in people living with gambling addiction. Co-occurring disorders are complicated and require expertly tailored treatment to help you grow stronger and cope in new ways. Rehabilitation treatment plans could include psychotherapy, medical support, relaxation techniques, meditation and diet and exercise.

At Step One Recovery we can help you overcome gambling addiction as we believe in a welcoming and luxurious environment to help you on your path to recovery. We have a vast array of treatments and activities available or just take a therapeutic dip in one of our pools.

Overcome Gambling Addiction at a Luxury Rehab in Spain

Due to the warm climate and stunning surroundings, you will feel as though you are in a tropical paradise. With us, you will have access to three glistening swimming pools, perfect for cooling off and a great form of physical exercise. If you would like a more intense exercise experience feel free to make full use of our fully equipped gym and then get even more of a sweat on in our top of the range luxury spa.

For those of you looking for a more creative outlet, you can express yourself on our state of the art grand piano, situated in our beautiful salon and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This is truly an incredible setting for one and all whether you are a musician or not. Whatever you need to overcome gamblingaddiction..

When it comes to the evening, you can relax on our spectacular terrace and watch as the warm orange glow of the sunset slowly disappears behind the infamous Montgo Mountain. And if that doesn’t take your fancy you will have full access to our quality in-house cinema, packed with all of your favourite films and constantly being updated for you.

A luxury rehab centre should feel like an all-inclusive retreat, an experience that will help you with your recovery and get you on a path to a happier and healthier way of life. Thanks to our team of experts’ we can look after and guide an array of mental health conditions from drug addictions to depression.

For more information about how to overcome gambling addiction, get in touch with Step One Recovery today and find out how your path to recovery can be a luxurious one.