We can offer a huge variety of philosophies and approaches at Step One Recovery Centre in Javea to ensure you get the most out of your healing journey. We understand the impact of old habits and how they can impact on your body and mind. Although every person is different, we are proud to integrate state-of-the-art treatments like NAD+ detox with alternative therapies and counselling.

NAD stands for ‘Nutritionally Assisted Detox and is an advanced approach to the detoxification process in your body. This involves a tailor made infusion being delivered to your body intravenously via a drip. Once it enters your body, it quickly breaks down any remaining chemicals, which have been produced by alcohol or drug abuse.

How does the NAD+ Detox help?

Once you’ve given your body a ‘clean slate’, you’ll see reduced levels of cravings, as well as feeling better in yourself and your thought processes. Not only will this speed up your recovery process, but your body with benefit nutritionally from this treatment too, meaning better hair, eyesight and nails. It’s a beauty boost for inside and out.

If you’re struggling with a ‘cloudy’ brain function, the NAD+ Detox is for you. It’ll help to reduce your stress levels during your stay at Step One and going forward too. It has also been proven to improve neurological functionality as it preserves and repairs brain structures.

Finally, with its natural anti-ageing and antioxidant properties, you’ll look better, feel better and most importantly, be better within yourself. Contact Step One Recovery Centre in Javea, Spain now to book your treatment with the NAD+ Detox system.