It has long been debated that marijuana has short and long term negative effects on the brain, many people believe that overindulging in this Class C drug causes on to have memory loss and can even trigger psychotic episodes.

What are the facts?

The hippocampus region of the brain is the part that regulates short term memory. Cannabis does temporarily prevent the brain from developing new memories and learning new things, all of this is a negative effect on your short term memory.

Generally speaking, those who occasionally smoked marijuana and then gave up will have fewer memory issues in the long term, however, using drugs, no matter the drug will have some sort of impact on your mental and possibly physical health.

Aside from problems with your memory, marijuana is known to diminish the amount of dopamine your brain releases. Dopamine is the pleasure chemical, when you achieve something, or are rewarded for something, that pleasure you are feeling is the effect of dopamine. People with lower dopamine release will also have a shorter attention span and less of an impulsive manner about them.

Individuals who regularly indulge in marijuana were found more likely to experience a downward spiral when it comes to their social life and were far more common to have financial problems. Many individuals who smoke long term were found to lie more often and became violent towards their partner.

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