Going into rehab can feel overwhelming and it’s very easy to put the decision off for another time. That’s why support in making the right choices pre-rehab is so essential. Alcohol addiction clouds clear and rational thought, and denial is an integral part of the condition.
There are lots of different types of rehab centres in a whole host of locations. For many alcoholics and their families, deciding on a location for rehab is often the first step. Finding somewhere local may seem like an obvious choice – but there are many factors to consider and starting the recovery journey locally can actually be more challenging for many people living with alcohol addiction.

Potential problems and issues

Everyone is different and there are always exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking choosing a rehab/recovery centre simply because it’s local is not a good idea. When alcohol addiction has taken its toll and taken control, the security of rehab close to home can be very appealing. But being close to home makes it far easier to give up on rehab. Although the recovery journey can be incredibly positive, there will be challenging times particularly in the early days of detox and initial recovery. As your mind clears of alcohol addiction, most recovery programmes encourage you to study your thinking and approach to life. This can be a difficult time and it’s far easier to head for the hills if home isn’t too far away.

One of the main reasons given for going into rehab locally is the fact that it’s easier for family and friends to visit. Again, this isn’t always the best idea especially during the early days. Family and friend visits can make it difficult for you to detach yourself from everyday problems and issues. Focusing on these issues prevents you from focusing on your recovery.

Ultimately, there are proven benefits to going into rehab away from your home where you can remove yourself psychologically from the outside world and its associated problems. And as there are far more important factors to consider when choosing a rehab centre, a local location should be at the bottom of your list.

Important factors to consider

It’s amazing that you’ve come as far as considering rehab for alcohol addiction. Make sure you seize the opportunity to find rehab that’s right for you. Think about the treatment you believe would help – should it be holistic, personal to you or in a group setting? How flexible do you need treatment to be in terms of lengths of stay? What about ongoing care after you’ve left alcohol rehab?

At Step One Recovery, we can talk through all of these important details with you to help you make an informed choice. Our luxurious recovery centre is based in Alicante, Spain. Tucked away on a private estate in Javea, Costa Blanca, the surroundings are stunning, tranquil and relaxing. We believe that the warm climate and beautiful scenery make our recovery centre an idyllic place to begin your recovery journey. From the moment you’re welcomed through our doors, you’ll be able to focus solely on your recovery far away from stress, problems and concerns.

Recovery that puts you first

We take a personal approach to recovery. Our treatment programmes are built around you and your needs to help you gain control over alcohol addiction and make a new start. You’ll have your own recovery team of expert doctors, psychotherapists, counsellors and medical staff to support you all the way.

After medical detox carefully designed and monitored to keep you as comfortable as possible, your team will work with you to address the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your recovery. There will be lots of time and expert support to deal with the underlying issues of your alcohol addiction.

We’ll introduce you to the renowned 12-step philosophy and therapies such as yoga, massage and mindfulness to help you build new ways to cope without alcohol. Our approach is always holistic – we believe in treating the whole person rather than providing quick fixes.

Ultimately, we provide treatment that’s groundbreaking and innovative in its approach and style while being evidence-based and proven through experience. Our beautiful Mediterranean setting near Costa Blanca, Costa Brava and Costa del Sol provides the perfect sanctuary for our life-saving treatment – it’s a location that could be the start of something amazing for you.