How To Deal With And Overcome Addiction?

People who frequently participate in addictive behaviours typically end up manifesting a full-blown addiction. This may be to substances such as alcohol and/or drugs, or it may be a behaviour such as gambling or even shopping.

Regardless of what addiction a person develops, no addiction is easy to work through and overcome. However, no matter how severe addiction may be, anyone can overcome addiction with professional support.

If you, or someone you care about, is struggling with an addictive disorder then you may benefit from reaching out to Step 1 Recovery to hear more about how to get the best possible addiction treatment for you and your needs. Alternatively, you should find below information that will teach you more about detoxification, recovery, aftercare, and relapse prevention for all common addictions.


Making The Decision To Change

Preparing to change is one of the first steps on the road to overcoming an addiction. For a lot of people, there will come a specific moment where you realise that your addictive disorder is taking an irreparably damaging toll on your life and needs to be altered. When this happens, you may start to set yourself a series of goals, such as to completely stop using drugs and/or consuming alcohol.

However, one thing that you need to be aware of if you are setting yourself goals in such a situation is to try and set yourself attainable goals. Overly-ambitious goals such as to simply go cold-turkey and never using substances ever again will often lead to relapse. Alternatively, you should try and work with support workers or friends and/or family to put together attainable goals which will allow you to keep feeling as though you are moving forwards to complete sobriety.

Addiction specialists, doctors, and similar medical professionals are able to help you put together such plans. You are not alone in the journey to shaking yourself free of your addiction, and those who take advantage of a support network typically make the most successful recovery.


Preparing To Change Your Lifestyle

Once you are committed to the idea of overcoming your addiction then you need to make changes to your physical environment. You will need to remove any triggers for your addition from your environment. For instance, if you are trying to overcome a substance abuse disorder them getting rid of any and all substances from your environment will be the first step. Following this, you will need to avoid spending time with any people or locations around which you usually consume your addictive substance.

As well as cleansing your environment of negative influences, you should surround yourself with people who are positive influences on your life. Reach out to any family and/or friends who you trust to keep you on the straight and narrow. Reaching out to your family and friends and admitting that you are in need of help can be daunting — however, your family and friends will be there to help you through this difficult period and they will make it easier for you.

This is also when you should, if you haven’t already, look into getting professional help in overcoming your addiction. With the added expertise of a professional treatment centre, such as one in which Step 1 Recovery will be able to get you set up, recovery will be a much more attainable goal.


Quitting An Addictive Behaviour

Quitting can be an incredibly different experience for each and every individual who goes through it. There is one camp of individuals for whom the recovery process can be quite empowering and cathartic. For another camp of people, the experience of recovery will be a difficult and sometimes painful experience. However, regardless of how the actual experience of recovery is, all people who come through the other side manage to experience a happy and full life.


Finding Professional Treatment For Overcoming An Addiction

Professional drug and alcohol rehab centres will be able to provide you with a highly-effective blend of physical and psychological treatments. Addiction does not have one single cure, therefore there must be a personally-tailored blend of treatments. With a treatment plan referred to you through Step 1 Recovery, you will get the very best treatment plan at a state-of-the-art residential rehabilitation centre.

One of the most important forms of treatment that you will experience at a residential rehab will be a course of detoxification treatment through a detox clinic. Detox is never easy and can cause people to present with severe side effects. Therefore, going through withdrawal in the safety of a treatment centre is strongly advised. Medically-assisted detoxification will allow you to have your side effects managed and you will go through the process with relative ease.

Some of the psychological treatments made available to you will be the likes of CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), DBT (dialectical behavioural therapy), as well as many other one-to-one therapies. These treatments will allow you to break down your patterns of behaviour and rebuild your neural pathways so that you can form healthier behavioural patterns. These treatments will also mean that you can start to form a relapse prevention plan in order to help you avoid falling back into drug addiction, alcohol addiction, and/or any other addiction that you may have manifested.

One of the other things that drug rehab will provide you with is the chance to engage with all manner of wellness activities. Keeping your brain active throughout the process of recovery as well as finding you new outlets for your internalised feelings manifesting as addiction will be key to adjusting to life post-rehab. Rehab is not just about getting you clean, but it is about getting you ready to live a life that is free from addiction after you have left rehab.

If you are ready to start taking serious steps to help you deal with your addiction then you should reach out to Step 1 Recovery today.