How Effective Is Virtual Rehab?

Over the past year, a massive amount has changed in relation to how we live our daily lives, and how we engage with services such as healthcare programmes.

As more and more elements of life become virtual, this has left a lot of people who may be suffering from drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or any other form of addiction worrying about how they may be able to seek treatment for their addiction.

In an attempt to make sure that people suffering from substance abuse disorders of any variety are able to still get the healthcare that they require, many healthcare centres have been developing state-of-the-art virtual rehab programmes for those in need.

And, it is fast becoming apparent that virtual treatment may be a perfect way forward for some, regardless of world events! There are plenty of rehab options and different varieties of treatment out there, but to find out if virtual reality rehab may be the most beneficial for you, here is the information you will need to inform your decision.


What Is The Process Of Online Rehab At Its Core?

At its most basic, virtual rehabilitation is a course of treatment which will offer you the same treatment as you would receive if you were an inpatient at a rehab, both in terms of quality and quantity, except you receive this treatment from the comfort of your own home.

A lot of people find it difficult to attend rehab for an extended period of time due to day-to-day obligations that they cannot avoid — and at present, some people may feel nervous about leaving the house due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic — and so online rehab courses will offer therapy with medial professionals via the internet at hours that are more convenient for those seeking treatment.

Such courses can offer the same one-to-one treatment with professionals as well as group sessions with other people who are also participating in the treatment programme from their own homes. Courses will go through the likes of addiction therapy, psycho-educational group therapy, mindfulness, relapse prevention, and much more.

Furthermore, dependent on what healthcare company you choose to start your virtual treatment with, there are a variety of different online systems that rehabs may use, most of which you will be introduced to beforehand — for those who are a little wary of the technology side.

As more and more people are engaging with online rehab and finding it an effective alternative to traditional treatment, let’s have a look at the more specific benefits of this treatment option!


It Is Incredibly Accessible!

A key factor for people when it comes to seeking treatment for substance abuse disorder or alcohol abuse disorder can be how accessible treatment is, but there are few treatments more accessible than virtual treatment.

Those who live large distances away from rehab locations, people who suffer from disabilities which make travel difficult, or people who may not be able to attend rehab due to not being able to find child-care for the duration of their treatment, virtual treatment removes these obstacles — so, if you have been putting off attending rehab for any such reasons, virtual reality treatment may be the right step for you.


It Is Very Safe

As mentioned previously, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic there may be some people who suffer from health conditions which puts them at severe risk from Covid-19 — or simply people who are concerned about contracting the disease regardless — and may be concerned about leaving the house, travelling to a rehab, and then physically engaging with professional therapists and other people in recovery.

However, virtual rehab allows for you to engage with all of these therapists, healthcare professionals, and group sessions from the security of your own home.


High-Quality Care!

While the accessibility and security of virtual rehabilitation is an excellent bonus, the most important thing that people will probably be curious about is the actual quality of care.

Well, concerns about the quality of care being less so for online rehab compared to inpatient rehab treatment should not be entertained, as high-quality private healthcare centres have been making it their duty to ensure that the quality of the online treatment parallels that of inpatient treatment.

By ensuring that you will receive the exact same combination of treatments across the internet as you would as an inpatient. There was also a study published on the US National Library Of Medicine’s website which showed that in a lot of cases “telepsychiatry may be better than in-person services because of the novelty of the interaction, direction of the technology, the psychological and physical distance, and the authenticity of the family interaction.”

They also went on to say that there have been reports of reduced lengths of hospitalization with online treatment, as well as “better medication adherence, symptom reduction of disorders, and effective therapy”!



As much as online rehab as a rehab treatment option is accessible in terms of location, it is also incredibly convenient. All you need to participate is an internet connection, a device which can access the internet, a camera (or device fitted with a camera), a microphone enabled, and a space in your house to conduct online meetings.

Virtual rehab meetings can also be flexible in order to fit around your family schedule, which only adds to the ease of attending.


Still Unsure If This Is The Pathway For You?

The benefits of online rehab cannot be understated, particularly given the current world events. However, it is no secret that there are many rehab treatment options, and you may want to know more about the world of inpatient treatment or other types of treatment.

If this is the case, then you can contact Step 1 Recovery on 0330 107 2950, via email at, or through our website’s chat function in order to get professional advice about rehabilitation. The dedicated staff at Step 1 Recovery are committed to getting you healthy, regardless of the obstacles that you face.