The holidays and celebrations have always been linked to drinking alcohol. When there is a special occasion the bottles come out and the alcohol is flowing for all of your friends and family. The holidays tend to be a time of excessive binge drinking, sometimes even on a daily occurrence.

This sort of extended drinking ends up causing many issues. Someone with alcohol problems or suffers with alcoholism tends to love the holiday seasons as there is an increased number of parties and festivities, making drinking more accessible and normalized in a sense. This will encourage them to carry on drinking even more.

To avoid running into detrimental health impacts of holiday binge drinking there are several things you can do to remember that drinking is just a compliment to the holidays, not its purpose. Ahead of time you can decide the number of beverages you will consume, and stick to it, even tell a friend or relative so they can help you stay on track. Remember that non alcoholic options are there too, you do not have to give in to the social pressure of drinking alcohol. If you need a reason to not drink, be the designated driver so that you do not drink as you need to drive home safely and legally.

Overindulging holidays

 Drinking too much is never good for your body, especially binge drinking over a season. This puts your organs under an intense amount of pressure which can all lead to organ failure,  as well as severely increasing your risks of an unexpected heart attack or stroke. If you really do go overboard with your drinking habits your brain can become extremely distressed leading to irreversible brain damage.

 Step One Recovery is here to help you through not just the holidays, but any hard time. We do not want to see you spiral down further or lose control of any progress you may have made. Get in touch with us today to see what you can do to help yourself through these tempting holidays.