Coming as far as making the decision to get help for prescription medication addiction is a significant and valuable step. Its importance is not to be undervalued – so finding the right rehabilitation and recovery centre should be approached with care and consideration. There are lots of factors to think about, but bear in mind that deciding on going into rehab (whether for yourself or a loved one) proves that time is of the essence. Explore the options but be certain to move forwards quickly.
Prescription medication addiction is a growing problem that’s not yet fully understood. The nature of addiction can vary from one prescription medication to another. In addition, the motivation to abuse prescription medication depends on sex, age, lifetime stage and social class. The best rehabilitation programmes for prescription drugs take these complexities into account and understand why people are motivated to abuse prescription medication. Treatment is centred on addressing and resolving these issues so that people can go on to lead healthy, fulfilled lives.

Do I need to go into a residential rehabilitation programme?

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether to undertake treatment at a recovery centre where you stay, or remain at home and visit an outpatient clinic (whether in or outside of London). There are lots of people who have battled prescription medication successfully with the support of an outpatient clinic. And certainly, it’s appealing to stay at home during the process.

However, it’s really important not to underestimate the severity of the problem. Recovering from prescription medication addiction is incredibly challenging and dedicating your time to recovery at a residential rehabilitation centre gives you more opportunity to succeed. Generally, the longer you remain in the programme, the greater the odds of success.

If you do decide on an outpatient route, make sure it’s for the right reasons. Be honest (with others and yourself) on how serious your addiction really is and never underestimate how powerful our denial mechanisms can be. It’s easy to wonder if residential rehabilitation is really necessary by convincing yourself that your addiction isn’t important enough. It is – and so is your recovery. Make sure you get all the support you really need.

Concerns about confidentiality

It’s only natural to worry about privacy and confidentiality but don’t let these reservations get in the way of organising rehabilitation treatment. All rehabilitation clinics and recovery centres guarantee complete confidentiality by all staff members. At Step One Recovery this includes everyone from our medical team to therapists, chefs, cleaners and our Commercial Director. Confidentially is all-encompassing –your reasons for joining the rehabilitation programme, treatment programme and progression are classified. Treatment is on a one-to-one basis and therapy takes place in exclusive rooms for the utmost privacy.

How long are residential rehabilitation programmes?

Length of stay varies from one rehabilitation centre to the next, while also depending on the nature of the prescription medication addiction. Long-term treatment can lead to a higher success rate as there is more time and opportunity to understand all underlying issues and resolve them fully.

At Step One Recovery, we believe in tailoring our rehabilitation treatment programmes to each individual. Our intensive residential programmes combine a range of daily therapies and activities. Each day, you’ll have scheduled appointments with members of your treatment team including your psychotherapist, yoga teacher, meditation teacher, personal trainer, medical staff and carers. The average stay is around 28 days but we can extend or reduce treatment time to support your needs. Your recovery programme isn’t fixed – we adapt it each week in response to the pace of your recovery. As you get healthier, clearer and brighter, the entire treatment focus shifts to enable your progress.

Can luxury rehab/recovery centres make a difference?

The nature of prescription medication addiction means that it’s easy to put off seeking help. If work commitments have deterred you in the past, then it’s worth considering executive rehabilitation facilities. A luxury recovery centre could be an ideal way to tackle prescription medication addiction in privacy and comfort.

The exclusive Step One Recovery centre is based on Spain’s Costa Blanca in a private estate – the perfect retreat from the stresses of London or city life. The beautiful architecture and decor have been carefully chosen to create a beautiful healing sanctuary filled with natural light and sea breezes. On a clear day, the incredible views from your private bedroom suite or garden bungalow extend as far as the Balearic Islands.

Indulge in luxuries such as top-quality bed linens, boutique soaps and embossed Egyptian cotton towels and dressing gowns. Our chefs prepare healthy, gourmet food using the finest ingredients and our facilities include swimming pools, a cinema, gym, sauna, sun deck and private subtropical gardens.