Alcohol is a substance that is commonly abused. At Step One Recovery we help each individual push through and surpass their personal battle with it. There are multiple negative effects that a dependency on alcohol will bring to your life, not only socially but physically and mentally.

Alcohol tolls

The tolls that alcohol takes on the body are extensive. Drinking, in any amount, can cause detrimental heart issues such as arrhythmia’s and high blood pressure. It also increases your risk of cardiomyopathy and strokes by clogging and narrowing your arteries with fatty deposits. It is not only your heart that is suffering but your liver and pancreas are put under tremendous amounts of pressure too. The stress that your internal organs endure becomes too much for them to cope with which results in inflammations such as alcoholic hepatitis, fibrosis and pancreatitis. An even more serious and realistic risk is how much more likely you are to develop cancer in the mouth, throat or even liver, to name a few. Your immune system also becomes extremely compromised leaving you as an open target to an abundant amount of diseases.

The health implications do not solely apply to your body but to your brain too. Your brain’s communication pathways become disrupted. This leads to erratic changes in behaviour, including aggression. Your mood status will no longer be stable and can fluctuate rapidly. Your memory will start to deteriorate and it will be much harder to concentrate. If your alcoholism is not dealt with in the near future these disruptions and implications will stay even after achieving sobriety. Heavy drinking and/or excessive drinking has been proven to be linked to brain shrinkage which directly relates to alcohol-induced brain damage.

If you feel like you are under the wrath of alcohol then take the first step to sobriety by getting in contact with Step One Recovery. We are here to free you of these unwanted and serious health impacts.