Bringing a family member or loved one back from the brink of a serious addiction can often be too hard for someone who is untrained, which is why many opt for a drug detox on the Costa Del Sol. There are clinics, which offer a great service whilst having the beautiful surroundings. However, did you know that just up the coast on the Costa Blanca, is Step One Recovery, a centre built with you in mind. Our team of experts are here for you from the minute you make the decision to take the first step.

Choosing a drug detox on the Costa Del Sol often means an expensive flight, and due to the seasonal variances, can mean a long wait. Time is often an important factor when making the brave and courageous decision to help yourself and your loved ones. Another reason that the South of Spain is an option for many is the accommodation provided in the surrounding areas. It’s now very popular to stay in nice accommodation situated near to your clinic and either visit it each day, or have them come to you. At Step One recovery centre, we believe that 24 hour medical care is an important factor in your healing process, which is better than a drug detox on the Costa Del Sol.

Do you need a drug detox on the Costa Del Sol?

Due to shows like The Only Way is Essex and Geordie Shore, areas like Marbella have become synonymous with drink and drugs, which of course brings along the ‘pop up’ rehab centres for those who want to continue the party in a healthier way. Step One Recovery is based in Javea, which offers a more reclusive recovery centre, which has built up a history of expert help for people who need it. A quick drug detox on the Costa del sol isn’t going to help you in the long term, but making a choice of Step One Recovery Centre will give you practices that’ll help repair your relationships forever.

Don’t waste any time looking elsewhere in Spain, contact the Step One Recovery Centre based in Javea, Alicante and take the first step in right direction.