At Step One Recovery, we’re highly experienced in treating the different types of depression. Our rehab clinic is based on an exclusive estate on Spain’s Costa Blanca and is a perfect retreat for healing, recovery and looking forward to a healthy future.

Our treatment programmes for different types of depression are individually tailored to each client. We’ll work with you on relaxation techniques to help manage your reactions, and meditation and therapy will help calm your nervous system. Our overall approach to depression and anxiety is holistic – it’s always our aim to address any underlying issues before treating you medically with psychotherapy. We’ll then adjust your diet and exercise to promote a natural boost.

Helping the different types of depression

Clinical depression: Living with clinical types of depression (also known as major depressive disorder, major depression and unipolar depression) is incredibly tough. Daily life can be very challenging with activities such as eating, sleeping, working or being with friends and family feeling overwhelming.

Many people find it hard to get out of bed, cry for no obvious reason and often abuse alcohol or drugs to make them feel better. This kind of depression can last for weeks, months and even years.

Dysthymia: Although dysthymia is also known as mild depression, the name is really quite misleading. This debilitating form of depression is anything but mild.

Symptoms include a severe lack of energy, chronic feelings of lowness and crippling sadness. The symptoms can last for several years, although there may be short periods of time when mood lifts for a while (but this is often for not longer than a few weeks).

If dysthymia isn’t treated, most people go on to develop clinical depression.

Postnatal depression: This relatively common form of depression affects many women and their families. It’s a serious condition that can have a long-lasting impact, so it’s important to get help quickly.

Treatment resistant depression: This is a chronic form of depression that does not improve fully or keeps returning. At Step One Recovery, we have successfully treated depression for the long term that’s not responded properly to previous treatment. Our expert team at our rehab clinic has a wealth of experience in treating depression in a holistic way that truly tackles underlying issues and problems.