Depression affects everyone differently and although there are many symptoms not everyone will experience every symptom. Some may feel sad and anxious frequently and not quite understand why and others may feel sad, empty, pessimistic with a general lack of energy, just to name a few and similarly not understand it; we can help you to get the full picture.

If you have been feeling any of these types of symptoms for longer than 2 weeks, we would recommend you contact us at Step One Recovery Centre as you may have an underlying condition that you are currently unaware of and the sooner you get on top of it the better.

If you are reading this about depression, you’re already on the right track to getting your life back.

The question many people ask is; Is depression treatable? The answer is yes, yes it is treatable, yes you can do something about it and yes we will help you if you are willing. Depression affects people of all ages from teens to the elderly and its severity really depends on the individual. It could be due to bullying, an unhealthy relationship, the loss of a loved one, the list goes on. The first thing you need to know is this, you are not alone. Every day people from all over the world are nervously calling their doctor for something they don’t quite understand and that is incredible. To be brave enough to stand up and face something you do not understand can be a confusing and daunting task and it takes courage to do so. We believe you have that courage, we know you do.

Call us at Step One Recovery and we will talk to you in a friendly calm and safe environment where you can begin to be yourself again. Take that first step today.