More often than not people in the modern day choose to self-medicate due to the ease of access to information online and so as to save money. Unfortunately there are always consequences when self-medicating and/or self-diagnosing and frankly if you are really ill it is just not worth the risk.

Discussing your symptoms with a trained and experienced professional is always the safest way to go. Getting a proper diagnosis and receiving a real treatment plan is the best way to insure a healthy recovery and avoid any complications.

What is Self-Medicating?

Self-medicating is when you have an illness or disease and choose to get over the counter drugs without discussing it with a doctor or medical expert. Many individuals act as their own physician and self-diagnose to avoid the pay-out of consulting a professional.

There are certain dangers that go hand-in-hand with self-medicating such as; inaccurate diagnosis, using inappropriate medicines that can cause side effects, masking the symptoms of a serious condition, delaying medical advice, risk of abuse and the possible risk of developing a severe addiction.

In worst-case scenario, self-medicating can lead to severe health issues and even death.

Call a professional today. Self-medicating can be dangerous and cause serious health issues so make sure you call a professional and/or expert today.

At Step One Recovery we have professional, experienced experts and are here to help. Call us today and have a relaxed and informative talk with one of our many counsellors and we can help to diagnose your condition and get you away from the bad habit of self-medicating and on the path to self-health.

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