Gambling on the internet has become increasingly popular. It’s so easy to place a bet online or play gambling websites – you don’t need to leave your home at all. Technology makes online gambling even more accessible with apps offering increased functionality (so it’s preferable to use them over traditional methods such as visiting the bookmakers).
The opportunity to access online gambling so widely combined with the relative ease with which online activity can be hidden (no being spotted at the bookmakers or in a casino) has meant a rise in people living with gambling addiction. This all-consuming addiction really does destroy lives causing devastating financial hardship and the breakdown of family and relationships through lies, deceit and betrayal.

Next generation of gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is affecting a broader spectrum of society due to the rise of online gambling. More women are affected and younger people who are initially attracted by ‘free to play’ versions of gambling games that normalise gambling behaviour (where odds are often stacked in the player’s favour while they are using the free version).

It’s an easy trap to fall into and it’s important to recognise that gambling addiction is an illness just like any other addiction. Gambling addiction can drive people to do all sort of things that they never would have thought about before addiction. As it takes control of a person’s life, they could resort to fraud or theft – and it’s surprisingly common for partners and families to be unaware of the problem until it’s too late.

Get the right support for gambling addiction

If you feel that you have a problem with gambling (online or not), then it’s highly likely that you’re living with gambling addiction. It’s important to get help as soon as you can. Unfortunately, it’s not a problem that will go away by itself. And overcoming it alone in a world where we’re all constantly online is incredibly tough.

Rehab for gambling addiction

Many people hold the misconception that rehab is just for alcohol and drugs. At Step One Recovery, we understand that gambling addiction is just as serious as alcohol or drug addiction. We’re highly experienced in helping gambling addicts overcome their problem and make a new start at our recovery centre in Spain.

In the grip of addiction, it’s extremely difficult to see a way forward. But you are not alone – a warm welcome without any pressure is just a phone call away. Our expert team members are on hand to take your call and support you in making the first step to recovery.

Refocus at our recovery centre in Spain

Guilt, anxiety and feelings of isolation are huge obstacles to overcoming your gambling addiction. We can help you address them and understand why you’re compelled to gamble through our bespoke treatment programmes. We’ll use a combination of therapies to help you build new ways to cope and can treat any co-existing conditions such as anxiety or depression.

We understand that you’re probably experiencing financial difficulties and can put you in touch with people who can help. We also have liaison specialists to work with your family if there’s been a breakdown due to your gambling addiction.

The right place for a new start

Our peaceful recovery centre is based in Javea on the Costa Blanca in eastern Spain (near Costa Brava and Costa del Sol). It’s a beautiful retreat that will take you away from your troubles and concerns so that you can focus on recovery. Changing destructive behaviours and understanding relapse risks will enable you to plan a more solid, steady and hopeful future that’s free of the fears of gambling addiction.

We understand that this might feel unachievable right now. Yet with the right support, experience has proven to us that gambling addiction can be controlled. It just takes steadfast commitment, hard work, expertise and knowledge.