There are many dangers of alcohol that can happen when people drink too much. These dangers can and do affect all aspects of people’s lives including;

  • Their health and safety
  • Their ability to work
  • Their job performance
  • Their social and family life

Just to name a few dangers of alcohol

Alcohol addiction is one of the most prevalent forms of substance abuse, it also has the highest success rate when it comes to treatment. At Step One Recovery Centre, we can help you at any stage.

A recent study found that nearly one in three adults are excessive drinkers, and most of them binge drink, usually on multiple occasions. In contrast, about 1 in 30 adults are classified as alcohol dependent, with rates of dependency increasing with the amount consumed. For instance, about 10 percent of binge drinkers are alcohol dependent, while 30 percent of people who engage in binge drinking frequently are or will become alcohol dependent.

Genetics and upbringing also factor into a person’s risk of developing an addiction. Alcoholism runs in families just like other chronic medical illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease. Our genes certainly play a role in determining whether someone becomes an alcoholic or not, but genes themselves are not the only deciding factor. Research suggests that like most aspects of our personality and behaviour, genetics account for approximately half of the risk, with environmental factors accounting for the remainder.

Alcohol is unique in several ways…

It’s legal, readily available, relatively inexpensive and socially acceptable. All of these factors contribute to the dangers of alcohol being the most widely used psychoactive substance (not counting tobacco). It is aggressively marketed in our culture, with advertisements on television, radio, magazines and even billboards, as well as glamorisation of alcohol – and acute intoxication in particular – saturating film, television and internet culture (social media, online forums). Alcoholic beverages also come in a variety of colours, flavours and concentrations to appeal to people of all ages and tastes.

This has led to an increase in underage drinking and an all-round younger average age of dependant individuals. Addiction is a chronic medical disease of the brain, as previously stated this addiction can be treated and has the highest success rate of any addiction recovery.

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