Overindulging in cocaine will begin a sort of chemical chain reaction in your brain where you no longer feel rewarded or good about the things you do, there will be a block on most natural positive reinforcers. Almost simultaneously, the parts of your brain that control stress will become increasingly sensitive and this will lead to negative moods and a general displeasure in your daily life, if you notice these signs are worse than normal that will be signs of withdrawal. The drug will become the only thing that gives you any pleasure and due to that you will focus less and less on relationships, food, and work life.

As you continue to use and abuse a tolerance will begin to develop, this will cause you to need higher doses, more frequent use, and/or both to receive the same amount of pleasure you once experienced while consuming very little. Tolerance to cocaine and a dependency on the drug can and does increase the risk and likelihood of an overdose.

Many individuals who use this substance will binge it, which essentially means that the drug is used far more often and at higher doses almost always. Many of the side effects of this include; irritability, restlessness, panic attacks, paranoia, and even full-blown psychosis, in which the user loses touch completely with reality and is subjected to auditory hallucinations.

If you can see yourself falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole it may be time to put all of your efforts into one thing and one thing only, your recovery.

At Step One Recovery we have a team of experts on hand 24/7 to ensure you are always well catered for and looked after, only you can take the first step but together we can help you make it to sobriety and stay there.